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How to Take Advantage of The Latest Facebook Updates

Facebook is changing and evolving all the time. Outdated features are being removed and new and more exciting features are added regularly.

How to Take Advantage of The Latest Facebook Updates

These updates are added to make Facebook better and more convenient for its users.

If you want to succeed with using Facebook, you need to evolve along with it and learn how to manage it better. If you can use it better you will be able to take advantage of these changes and promote yourself better with it.

Three of the most important Facebook changes and how to make the most of them have been listed below.

Update 1. Subscriptions

Before, the only way users could get the latest updates from you or your company was through your Facebook page. People needed to like your page to get your latest updates. But now with the subscribe feature, people can just subscribe to your facebook profile. It’s like your profile has been made into a page. With this feature, your subscribers can check out all the public updates you post.

People actually like subscribing to public updates because a profile has a face and a personality, which is different from a page which sounds too official and salesy. When they subscribe to a profile it feels like they’re making contact with a proper human and not a brand. You need to take advantage of this and use your profile accordingly to form closer relationships with your subscribers.

So How do you use your Profile Effectively?

1. Promote your Profile

Promote your profile and encourage people to subscribe to your updates. Try and get as many subscribers as you can and increase your reach.

facebook subscribe

A good place to promote your profiles is on your website or blog. Facebook has introduced the subscribe button which can be placed on websites and blogs. This button displays the number of subscribes you have got too – all people have to do is click on the button to subscribe.

Facebook Profile on page

Another way to promote your profile is by displaying the owner of the Facebook page at the bottom of the facebook page. This will make it easy for people to locate the profile and subscribe to it. This can instantly increase the number of subscribers you have got, especially if your page has got a lot of “likes” already and is well managed.

Edit Facebook page

The page owner can be displayed on the page by clicking on edit page which is located on the top right hand corner of your page.

featured section Facebook

Then visiting the “Featured” section and clicking on “Edit featured page owners.”

Facebook choose page owners

Here you can choose the page owners you would like to display on your Facebook page – choose the owners and save your changes.

You could also actively take part on Facebook to get more subscriptions – this can be done by “liking” or commenting on popular pages or on the updates of people you have subscribed to.

2. Share Different Kinds of Content:

When people “Like” a page they usually do it because they like something about it or because they want to receive updates from that page. Normally on your page, you share relevant content from your own blog and from other blogs. It’s the same with profiles you have to share useful content too, as people expect to see these updates – this is one of the main reasons why they subscribe to your profile, and when someone comments on these updates make sure you respond to them with comments and “Likes”.

Another important point you need to keep in mind, is to share anything interesting you come across. This could be funny pictures, interesting articles, etc. Your profile is different from your page and as it’s on Facebook, people will want some insight into your personal life. So make it a point to share some personal pictures, views, articles and images you come across.

Facebook Public Option

Always make sure you use the public option when you want your subscribers to see what you share, as they can only see it when you share it with the public.

Facebook Profile Mari Smith

A great example of someone who uses their profile effectively is Mari Smith. If you visit her profile you will see that she not only shares her content and other’s content relating to facebook and social media marketing, which she is an expert in, but also all other kinds of interesting  articles and pictures. She also subscribes to other users and pages and actively “Likes” and comments on their updates. This is one of the reasons why she has more than 124,000 subscribers who actively “Like” and comment on her updates.

Update 2. Posting Facebook Updates

Before the posts that appeared in your news feed were the popular updates. These were the ones which received the most number of shares, “likes” and comments. The more the number of “likes,” shares and comments the updates received; the higher the updates were positioned, in your feed. This meant that the popular updates received the most attention. So if your post received many accolades it stayed at the top and received more and more attention. But with the recent facebook updates only the latest updates stay on top.

It doesn’t matter how many likes, shares or comments your updates get, they will still be moved down, as more new updates are posted.

So how can you take advantage of this new feature?

The best way to take advantage of this feature is to post more often. Normally people post updates only one or two times a day, but with this new feature you can actually post more often, maybe three to five times a day. You shouldn’t worry about people unsubscribing, as people will unlike your page only if your content isn’t helpful. If you share good, helpful content, more often, everyday, more and more people will subscribe to your profile or your page.

The best thing to do would be to share content from your blog once, content from another blog another time and ask your followers one or more questions which don’t lead to any link. People like being asked about their life and when you share an update which doesn’t lead to a link people will love commenting on it or liking it, it’s just like tweeting something without a link. When you tweet something like a quote or question which has no links, on Twitter, you will notice that many people will either retweet it or reply to it.

Facebook page Social Media Examiner

An e.g. of a Facebook page that does this right is the Social Media Examiner Facebook page. If you observe their Facebook page you will find that they not only share content from their blog every day, but also content from other blogs. They also post one or two questions each day. Questions like asking fans; how their day was, how effective is their social media campaign, etc. These questions receive responses through many comments and likes. All these updates by Social Media Examiner are interspaced by comments from their fans who appreciate all the great content they produce and asking more questions about Social Media which Social Media Examiner happily clear, making this a really good and interactive Facebook page.

So if you want to take advantage of the new feature, make it a point to post several updates each day.

Update 3. Tagging People

Facebook mention a friend

Now on Facebook you can tag your friends. When you type in@ and follow it with the name of the user they are automatically tagged. When you do this the person you have tagged is informed and they can check out why their name has been mentioned.

This might seem like something that’s not important and redundant, but it’s actually more important than you think. In the first webinar of Mari Smith’s latest webinar series, she mentions that relationship marketing is all about making people feel special.  When you tag someone and write their name in full, people will feel special about it and will treat you better or want to work with you. They will know that you took the extra effort to tag their name.

Even Leo Widrich of Buffer mentions this in his post “7 Twitter Habits to Adopt in 2012 to Double Your Followers”. In this post, he writes that on twitter when you tweet someone else’s post make sure you mention them and add a comment along with it – this will not only help you make a special connection with the user you mentioned, but will also help you get many twitter followers. This could apply to facebook too – when you mention someone’s name on facebook along with a good comment, you will not only make a special connection, but also increase your page’s likes or the number of subscribers you have got.

So at every opportunity you get make sure you mention your friend’s or your subscriber’s facebook name.

If you follow the above tips you will evolve along with Facebook and use it better to get more subscribers and build stronger relationships, which will prove helpful in the long run. Also make an effort to find out more and more about the latest facebook updates and use them to your advantage.

How About You?

What do you think about the latest Facebook updates?

Are there any other ways you can use these features effectively? What are your favourite updates?

Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

Guest Author: Mitt Ray is the founder of Social Marketing Writing, where you can download 100 Free Social Media Background Images.

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  • Great stuff Mitt! Some brilliant points here. Thanks for sharing!

    My other favourite update is the list feature. I love the fact I can now segment my lists and only see information in my newsfeed from people or pages I want to hear from.

    I’m looking forward to what FB is going to do with Timeline for Brand Pages!

    Thanks again.


    • Thank you Jo. I am glad you like t.

      Yes, that’s a great feature too – just subscribing to certain friends, pages or only to their important updates.

      I heard about the timeline feature yesterday. It seems quite interesting. Another feature I am looking forward to is the one where you can subscribe to websites. This is probably being done to match up with Google Plus’s Sparks.

      Thank you for your comment.


  • Mike gibbons

    HELP! If I post a photo (#1) with a witty comment then shortly post another great picture (#2) with a witty comment…FB automatically ruins my editorial punch by putting both pictures into an album and basically hiding the comments…amazing to me that FB would not want to protect great original content updates.. jeff what do you think?

  • Thanks for the info Jeff. It does seem that the fb team appear a bit indecisive about the page display order – but thanks for confirming how it is right now. I was wondering what changed with tagging rules too! Always worth reading your articles Jeff – very informative, thanks!!

  • Wow, Jeff, this is very helpful. Great walk-through of the new features and how to implement them for our best use. 

    I am interested in your thoughts about the Facebook subscribe button and putting it on your blog. I am afraid readers would either confuse it with the Facebook Fan Page Like button or be overwhelmed by too many choices of Facebook connectivity. Your thoughts?

  • R.

    Hi Mitt, I dont understand exactly what you mean when you say “with the recent facebook updates only the latest updates stay on

    Are you talking about posts published from profiles or posts from fanpages ? (that would mean that the Facebook edgerank is not valid anymore). Confusing. Thanks for your answer.

  • Awesome Post. Thanks so much for your info. Keep Rocking!

  • Mitt,

    Good post!

    I have to disagree with you about status updates for Facebook Pages – If we overload them, surely they do unlike.  Number of posts should cater to the type of business & audience you cater to.  Where a social media brand might post 5-12 times per day, a smaller business making hair bows for young girls might post 2-3 and do quite well.  Insights are key in solving this query!

    Thank you for your thoughts on subscribes.  I had not added this to my website/blog yet.  I had been watching to see how much I liked this, as I am my brand.  I think I’ll get on that.


  • @mittray:disqus ,

    I’m mainly friendly with your number, and agree that it is harder these days to be seen in the newsfeed.

    Alternating times is a good way to gain EdgeRank with fans and keep them engaged.  Try something early morning.  or late night. 

    We’re groovy.  🙂


    • Hi @connectyou:disqus ,

      That’s a good idea – to do one in the morning, one at night and maybe one at midday. People will need to experiment and see which time works best for them.

      Thank you for the comment. 🙂


  • I’m always reticent to @-tag fans unless they have shown extreme interaction with the fan pages I moderate. I think it’s useful to give them social cues in a conversation, but you should rarely do that with a new poster or someone who rarely interacts with your page.

    • Hi @Huebris:disqus

      Thank you for
      your comment. But I have to disagree with that.

      When someone subscribes to anything, whether it’s your facebook page, profile,
      newsletter, etc. that’s when they’re giving you their most attention and it’s
      important that you make them feel welcomed and special. The best way to do this
      is by tagging them.


  • You’re welcome Prateek. Thank you for your comment. – Mitt

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for these great ideas.  We have been incorporating the use of Facebook more and more in our marketing strategy.  Prior, we used LinkedIn, Twitter and commenting on various articles such as this one as a great way to get our name and our philosophy out there.  With those consistent avenues we have seen a 30% increase in traffic to our website! I am eager to use your ideas to make that number climb even higher! Thanks so much!
    Ken C. Schmitt

  • Jeff, You’re a pretty good blogger man. I’m glad to be in tribes with people like you who put some thought into this. So far every article I’ve read from here has been great, keep up the good work.

  • I might be wrong, but the traffic that comes from Facebook to my sites is by far the worst kind of traffic – it doesn’t convert at all.

  • I’d always wondered why some pages had the admin showing and others didn’t but never wondered long enough to ask! Now I know and I’ve made that change right away. Great tip. Thanks!

  •  Very useful tips …thanks – I just learned how to feature my pic for FB Fanpage 

  • Very good post, I liked this.

  • Yes, especially about subscription, I think it’s better and nice idea from Facebook.
    By the way I like your post.
    Thank you

  • Ozio Media

    With all the changes on Facebook, and how rapidly they have been coming out, it’s nice to have a tutorial of sorts on their value. It’s easy to assume that many of these are mere fluff, since so much of Facebook has moved in that direction, but the methods of using these changes to benefit users are good to see. Especially for those who were used to the way it was set up before, these tips help to even the playing field a little more.

  • One thing I don’t like about it is that posts from several days ago are showing up in my feed along with current posts. This can be quite unsettling, as in the case of a friend whose mother had died one morning, and then later that day I saw a post from her where she was sitting at the hospital waiting on a doctor’s report on her mother! That post had been from the previous day, but came up again in my feed for some reason. As most of us are pretty busy, who has the time to pause and look at when a post was put up there if you’re just quickly checking your FB feed? I already spend too much time on there, and this latest little quirk doesn’t help.