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Marketing Leverage using a Twitter Lever

I was talking to a friend the other day and she asked me “what is twitter about?” Well my answer went like this.

“Well it’s a micro blog that has a limit of a 140 characters that enables you to announce to all your followers in a broadcast what you are doing like, launching a new product that’s exciting and innovative, or you found something cool on the net that might be of interest to your followers, or a news event that is captivating. It can be sent to mobile phones as well as computers”

So how can it be so powerful? Well it comes down to a term called “Leverage”.

Imagine if you had 200 followers and you told them about this exciting news and they told only 20 friends each via twitter and then each of them only had 10 friends as their followers and they were sent a twitter message.

Do the Math. That is 40,000 people, that is a “Big Lever”. Makes you think doesn’t it?

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  • Maggie Holley

    Doing The Math- And thinking !!!!

  • There has never been anything (even close) to this in all of History!! This insight is as powerful as the idea of: “Give me a place to stand & I can leverage/move the World!” If you are not taking advantage of this leverage, you may be in danger of being a dinosaur!!! Please explain to me why you would not want to take advantage of this power??!!! Especially when so many other folks are so helpful in educating us all about how Social Media Networking actually works!

  • Very Well Written! It’s like the old Farrah Fawcett commercial… “I’ll tell 2 people who will tell 2 people who will…” And on and on. Remember that one?

  • Yeah, but make sure it adds value to your community or the 2x2x2x2 equasion may not communicate the positive message you desire and deliver adverse results!

  • I think you just described the *talking half* of the conversation. Your friend needs to know about the other half, perhaps the more important half: namely Listening.

    This is where insights can be gathered. Feedback on ideas, innovations etc are all key to creating successful propositions.

    Twitter is as much about listening as it is about talking.

  • Hmm…But 100% of your followers will likely NOT tell 20 people each. In fact, 93% of tweets are not retweeted at all. The math is right, but the pitch sounds like the stock option pitch I got when I joined a start-up 10+ years ago. “You’ll be rich…25K options, if it hits $10 a share….you can retire!”

  • The truth is that 93% of tweets never get retweeted so, although your math is right, it’s not reasonable.

  • gscgtd

    Perfect. In numbers comes marketing power. Even if most will not retweet, if you have thousands of followers the small amount of retweets is well worth it. And it might not be that small after all.

  • Bonnie David

    Love your headline. You used two variations of the word ‘lever’ that makes your headline rhyme. There is a rhythm to ‘leverage’, ‘twitter’ and ‘lever’ when reading your headline aloud. I noticed that you did not capitalize the first letter ‘u’ of ‘using’ in your headline. Was it intentional? What is your in-house style guideline for writing headlines?