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Social Media and The CEO – Video Interview With Greg Savage CEO of Firebrand Talent

The challenge for a majority of Chief Marketing Officers is convincing the CEO to take the plunge and use the power and leverage of social media to amplify the presence of their brand digitally online. There are some CEO’s who don’t need to be  convinced because of their own experience with social media.

A couple of days ago I had the privilege to sit down with Greg Savage the CEO of ‘FireBrand Talent” (a global digital recruitment company with nearly 70 offices worldwide) who understands and “gets” the power of social media to spread the influence of his personal brand and his companies brand globally to great effect.

Greg is on Twitter and has a blog titled ‘The Savage Truth‘ and these two social media channels are just part of his activities on social media. Most of the recruiting staff of FireBrand Talent also have corporate Twitter accounts and have personal optimized LinkedIn accounts as part of the corporate social media strategy. In the interview Greg covers some of the moments of truth that brought home to him the need to get engaged online in a digital world. This interview is in two parts

Video Interview – Part One

Video Interview – Part Two

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  • Great interview Jeff. Nice to see the corporate perspective on social media.

  • Social media is such a great way for the corporate world to have a voice and actually connect with the people they serve. It is especially important in this day and age when so many people are anti-business. After all, it is all apart of the American dream to be able to make your own way in life!

  • Great interview Jeff and thanks for sharing Greg!. As a director of a recruitment business in Australia of a much smaller size than Aquent (Harlow Group) we have found social media to be a very powerful tool for talent sourcing, branding and market education. In fact, 25% of our placements in the past 12 months have been attached to social media. In 80% of those cases, we would not have sourced that successful candidate without the use of social media. We’ve also found it to be a great tool for engaging our target audience (sales and marketing professionals) in discussion and building our brand. I am being interviewed in a very similar manner to this interview on our blog. Here I share some insights into social media in recruitment from a smaller business’s perspective.

  • It was Great to see the ‘corporate’ side of social media!! Great interview!!

  • I thing now the social media is the new wave of this decade who can change what can not be changed in only 10 years before !

    Important interview discussing different points & sights !

  • Fantastic!

    My journey with social media started with a simple task of redesigning a website. My experience is still counted in the days (I’m that new to twitter) but the more I am learning the more amazed I become.

    Thanks Greg and Jeff for giving me further insight into what might be achieve with 12 months effort!

  • Jeff,

    Good info. Appreciate you sharing this interview and topic. Learn by doing! That’s where I’m at and it has placed us in a good position with in our industry.

    I’m truly inspired!

  • Nice balanced view… embracing social media yet staying grounded in the mantra that “people find people jobs”.

    An excellent example of recruitment industry leadership in my view. Thanks!

  • Great interview Jeff, just shows you the power of social media especially within a corporate environment.