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The smart phone is changing how we use and consume information. Add a dose of social media obsession and you have two powerful forces that […]

5 Insights into Global Social Media in 2012 [Infographic]

Social media is emerging from its adolescent phase and is rapidly maturing. Initially social networks had an image problem with some CEO’s and executives thinking Facebook […]

19 Revelations from a Social Media Marketing Blogger

When I discovered social media for the first time and saw its potential as a marketing medium to amplify content, spread stories and brand messages, […]

5 Google+ Insights, Resources and Tips for Business – Plus Infographic

Social networks are evolving before our eyes. The changes are often subtle and hidden. Facebook is still the defacto social network with over 900 million users. […]

The 10 Most Important Questions I get Asked About Twitter

Twitter is a complete mystery to a lot of people. Twitter in fact was never meant to be a social networking site according to its […]