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How to Improve Your Marketing Accuracy with Facebook Hyper Targeting

One of the golden rules of marketing is “know your target market”. So when crafting brand messages the more relevant the communication the higher the […]

Staggering Social Media Statistics from the Olympics – Infographic

When I signed up to social media over four years ago you could almost count the number of tweets with a pen and a piece […]

5 Key Tips to Great Customer Service on Facebook

Have you ever had one of those friends that if you don’t respond to them in a timely fashion they will start to tell the […]

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy that Rocks

There are many bloggers and brands that just leap onto Twitter, setup an account and start  tweeting. This random approach is fine if you are […]

How To Take Your Company’s Facebook Fan Page from Zero to 40,000 Fans

It was last year that  I met a Facebook marketing specialist, Mike Watkins at a marketing event. I was impressed by his story about how […]