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8 Essential Habits for Effective Writing

8 Essential Habits for Effective Writing

When it comes to blogging we all know that content is king and keeping things updated is the number one priority. But how do you […]

How to Stand Out in the Social Media Marketing Frenzy

Social media has long ceased to be a setting for primarily “social” interactions and discussions. Now social media platforms and services predominantly function as devices […]

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid when Creating an Online Video

Video blogging isn’t for everyone. You need to have the right equipment, commitment and passion. The correct equipment means lights, cameras and then its action […]

The World’s 10 Most Engaged Facebook Pages

On Facebook having a vast multitude of fans is great but without engagement it is just a sterile content farm. This is what we would […]

Is Piracy Just Free Marketing?

Pirates were vagabonds that ventured and sailed the seven seas stealing and swindling the property and possessions of others for their own good, but often […]