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10 Simple Tips to Becoming a Better Blogger

It was in 1439 a professional goldsmith created an agent for worldwide change. This invention facilitated enormous evolution to society in Europe and globally. The […]

Past, Present and Future of Blogging: 3 Infographics

Blogging started in the 1990’s as online diaries. In 2011 Huffington Post, which became the largest blog in the world was sold to AOL for […]

The Power of Information

Since the birth of my daughter 8 years ago, I have struggled with a lower back condition. Basically I am too flexible, and there are a […]

What Do Social Media and WikiLeaks Have In Common?

Wikileaks has gone off like a bull in a china shop around the world and has revealed government secrets from places as diverse as Australia […]

6 Reasons Not To Have A Facebook Page

In 2009 Facebook launched in Indonesia and with that arrival according to “The Economist”  a “vast field of dead blogs were discovered” numbering several thousand […]