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10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest [Infographic]

If you think that publishing is going through an evolution then photography is experiencing a revolution.  There are happy snappers everywhere. The smart phone with […]

Who Owns Social Media?

Resistance is futile. As the debates continue on the control of social media within organizations, as well as the ongoing legal issues regarding ownership of […]

Who is Using Twitter?

Twitter is the mysterious online cousin to the mobile text message and has always been branded with strange names. Twitter users have often been associated […]

Awesome Facts and Figures on the Rise of the Social Mobile Web – INFOGRAPHIC

I had the privilege of speaking at the BE-Wizard  Web Conference in Italy last week. It was a tribute to Enrico and his team at […]

How Instagram Harnesses the Awesome Power of Mobile, Social Media and Photos: 3 Success Stories

I have a friend who won’t stop taking photos of food whenever she eats out. It seems that no matter what restaurant (except for McDonald’s or KFC and […]