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Flattening the Classroom Walls with Social Media

My sixth grade students have been learning about advanced reading strategies by composing their own interactive eBook about reading instruction. “It would be nice to […]

10 Principles At Work In Creating Buzz In Social Networking

Last Christmas break was a busy socializing extravaganza with family, friends and business colleagues. There was much wine consumed, gifts given, food eaten and stories […]

The Top Topics On Twitter in 2009

Reflecting as you do at the end of one year and at the start of the new, the hottest topics on Twitter in 2009 make […]

Why Would Your Company Need 13 Blogs?

I was begged the other day on Twitter to stop writing and Tweeting about a certain online retailer and a blog comment for a recent […]

Harvard Study: 30 Key Findings on How The CEO Engages With Social Media

I have recently posted articles on “9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century“, as well as “28 Reasons Why The […]