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The Key Planets of the Social Media Universe – Infographic

There is a myth circulating that if you have a Facebook page for your business then that is all you to need to succeed at social media.The Key Planets of the Social Media Universe - Infographic

If that is your paradigm then you need to rethink your social media strategy.

The reality is that this is only one piece of the puzzle and you are starting from the wrong end. This misconception is especially paramount if you are operating in a B2B business (business to business).

If you are just publishing short updates to Facebook, then your business is going to look a little cheap and fluffy and not that substantial. If you playing with Twitter and just tweeting 140 character little nothings with no links to content of substance then you will look just a tad adolescent.

So it is time to grow up and get serious with your social media marketing.

The Center of the Social Media Universe

This is the blog where you reveal your exceptional understanding of your industry and stakeout your claim as a thought leader.

The blog should have so much content with gravitas that it attracts other planets to your business as close members of your orbit and solar system. Other phrases that are synonymous with this are:

  • Inbound marketing (the content is so good that people are drawn and attracted to your blog. They want to download it, link to it, talk about it and share this content on social media networks)
  • Content Marketing (same idea really, just a different way of phrasing it)

So get serious and build this hub for your business universe.

The Who, How and the What

This content needs to be in the mother tongue of the inhabitants. This also requires asking yourself three questions

  1. Who are you targeting with your social media?
  2. How can you deploy social media marketing tactics for measurable success?
  3. What goals are your wanting to accomplish?

Answer these correctly and you are on your way to rocketing to success through the social media marketing universe.

The Three Big Planets

In your B2B business social media strategy you should not ignore building outposts on these planets.

Facebook – 34.6% of business in B2B participating here displays its importance as a social media planet of importance.

Twitter – Twitter has really started to gain traction in the last 12 months in a broad range of demographics from younger to older generations (being embedded in Apple’s mobile operating system that resides on the iPhones and iPads has been  a big win for Twitters growth and acceptance here. 25.3 percent of businesses are now “Tweeters”.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a serious planet, so if you are visiting make sure that you are looking a bit more formal and have your best space suit on. 25.3 percent of B2B business is living and breathing here.

There are some other planets emerging that you should also consider such as Google+ that you should keep your eye on and at least secure with your brand name.

The Visually Attractive Planets

The social media universe has become much more visually attractive in the last year. Twelve months ago hanging out in the social media universe was a bit drab really. It used to be like attending a tech conference where all the attendees were men, a bit geeky and talked in alien acronyms.

Now the ladies have turned up to make it much more fun and visually and emotionally attractive.

These visually attractive planets are

  • Pinterest (approaching 100 million users with a majority of them being women)
  • Instagram (A mobile photo app that makes yourimages as good as a National Geographic photographer and can be posted to Facebook and Twitter in seconds
  • Infographics (see below)

Some of the other visual planets have been around a while and these include YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare.


Infographic from Marketo

So What About You?

Have you started your social media marketing campaign from the wrong end? Is a blog part of your plans?

How do you find the challenge of creating meaningful and attractive content? Does it take too much time?

Why don’t you consider crowd sourcing content from your tribe and community.

Look forward to hearing your stories, challenges and successes.

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Fantastic post! Thanks for including our infographic, very much appreciated. I absolutely agree with you that the B2B world should embrace every social channel available to them. Trial and error is a terribly underrated strategy in the world of social marketing. We actually have a much better ROI on our social campaigns that we run through FB and Twitter as opposed to Linkedin.

    Here is the original piece of content that inspired this Infographic, I thought it might be of interest to your readers as well. It’s a complete social plan for businesses who are looking to start or improve upon their social strategy with specific tactics and metrics.


    Thanks again!

    Jason Miller – Marketo

    • Thanks Jason for the great infographic and for the link to the article that inspired it..

  • The new visual networks are certainly making the social media more fun and viral. The continuing evolution of the social media universe id something I continue to watch with avid interest.

  • bb king

    where is the reddit army?!

  • Great, fun and clear analogy on the social media landscape, Jeff. Love it!

  • Finding the right balance of these is definitely important. We’ve been doing Twitter and Facebook for a long time now, but integrating infographics through visual.ly has given us a refreshing batch of new content for both blog posts, and Facebook/Twitter. If you have the design resources, and can make something especially relevant to your industry, I’d recommend using infographics as a creative advertising outlet.

  • Great post! I am building my blog currently so this was very helpful. I need to clean up my facebook and twitter pages and add some life to them. I have not started yet but I am concerned about the time I will spend promoting content on different social networks because I am working a 9-5 right now. I plan on using my Iphone as much as possible when I have some free time.

  • Debz Dakeyne

    Great blog Jeff as always, entertaining and informative – it will be circulated around the universe without a doubt!

    • Thanks Debz! Always aiming to p[lease 🙂

  • Anyone who ignores Google+ as a major player (especially because of the connected Google Authorship program) doesn’t really understand search marketing and is missing the biggest reach opportunity in the history of the web.

  • Great post Jeff, as always!

    Touching on a point in your article, one of the things I try to consistently instill in the minds of newbie social media folks I run across is the importance of content. Content is more than just King, it’s the backbone of social media! It’s a shame how many people don’t understand that a solid content strategy optimized for social media is necessary to build out a successful SM strategy. Business can’t just jump into social, they have to be ready and willing, and that means work.

    • Thanks Michelle for the insights on content and your 1.5 million followers on Google+ I am sure are there because of your content and engagement.
      Content is indeed the foundation of any social media strategy whether that content, entertains, inspires, educates or informs. Creating contagious content is indeed hard work and for a long term successful SM strategy it needs to created relentlessly and with persistence.

  • Jeremy Lindstrom

    As usual, great infographic!

  • Thanks Jeff – you’ve delivered content marketing Gold once again! Really appreciate all of the insights you’re sharing. What are your thoughts on flickr … one of the original image sharing sites, it had what you could call some fledgling social functionality, and it was huge in its heyday. Does it have a useful role to play in a content marketing strategy these days?

    • Hi Tim and thanks for the question. Flickr is still worth considering but its slow evolution means it has been left behind by more modern and social visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.
      I would be using those before Flickr.