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The Marketers Guide to Pinterest – Infographic

Humans are extremely visual.

The Marketers Guide to Pinterest - Infographic

We experience life visually and the role of photos, images and videos in our life is evidenced by the sheer quantity (250 million a day) of photos of friends, family and cute dogs that are uploaded to Facebook every day .

I remember returning from the annual summer holidays and my father would invite all our friends over to view the photos and videos that he had taken on the yearly trip.

The visual record of the trip was a vital part of the the sharing of the stories and experiences that had occurred in our family travels.

Photos are highly engaging and the rise of Pinterest to become the 60th most visited site in the US last month provides more data to verify the attractiveness of beautiful images on this visual pinboard social media network site.

So Who is Using Pinterest?

Well according to the numbers it appears that women are the largest participants at 87%.

  • Females 25-34 – 27%
  • Females 35-44 – 29%
  • Females 45-54 – 24%

So I would suggest to the males who read this blog that if they want to to hang out with smart, intelligent and attractive women then they need to look no further than Pinterest!

How Engaging is Pinterest?

It was in 2010 that Facebook passed Google for the first time in time spent on site.

What is more telling is to compare the amount of time that the average user spends per month on the other social networks as a comparison measure of the level of engagement.

  1. Facebook is the most engaging site on the planet at 405 minutes per month
  2. Pinterest and Tumblr are equal in second place at 89 minutes
  3. Twitter comes in third at  21 minutes
  4. LinkedIn – 17 minutes
  5. Google Plus – 3 minutes

All these numbers and demographics are great for marketers to know when it comes to demographic targeting and engagement levels.

Marketers Guide to Pinterest

Marketer's Guide To Pinterest: Pin It To Win It [infographic by MDG Advertising]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

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  • Deannalawrence

    I’m punch-drunk happy with Pinterest!  Just today I was at the bookstore telling a couple about this site!.  I’ve enlisted friends, my daughter, my husband – it is like a window into my world and I don’t have to explain anything.  I only wish I could have invented the site myself!

  • Deannalawrence

    I’m punch-drunk happy with Pinterest!  Just today I was at the bookstore telling a couple about this site!.  I’ve enlisted friends, my daughter, my husband – it is like a window into my world and I don’t have to explain anything.  I only wish I could have invented the site myself!

  • DIY Kiah

    I do the marketing, advertising and SEO at DIYGarageShelf.com and we have found the over 50% of our referral traffic comes directly from Pinterest!

    • Thanks for the comment and the input Kiah. That is a great reference and result for marketing with Pintererest!

  • Jeff… I totally pinned this in my infographic board. haha. http://pinterest.com/inspireexhibit/

    Thanks for the continued insightful marketing strategies!

  • Thanks for sharing.  I pinned the infographic on how effective pinning is!

    • Thanks for the comment Craig. Go forth and “pin” !!

      • Sure will!  I created a board just for digital marketing InfoGraphics so keep ’em comin’!  http://pinterest.com/craigdesmarais/digital-marketing-infographics/

  • Elizabeth

    Seriously this is the best write up yes. I have reading lots of Pinterest and I stumbled into it’s effectiveness about two months ago, and in the past two days readying many articles around this sit. This is my favorite.  Thanks Elizabeth

  • Thanks Rick for your comment. Pinterest will be an extremely engaging and powerful platform for any “visual” business. I will watch with “interest” to see how the online pinboard sensation evolves!

  • Interesting stats across the different social networking groups! Had no idea Google+ is not getting the support it was hoping for… Facebook still tops! Pinterest growth really amazes me – but then who doesn’t enjoy the stories behind good pics? Good luck to them all…

  • You should do an infographic on Pinterest services. I’m using http://pinleague.com and it rocks. Our board followers and referral traffic have skyrocketed over the past couple months.

    • Thanks, That sounds interesting Jennifer. I will check it out 🙂 .

    • Don Rua

      I was ready to try this out, but they want a CC for a $1 purchase, and that set off alarm bells. A quick search presented this site: http://www.scamadviser.com/is-pinleague.com-safe.html . I’d love to check it out, any other evidence they can be trusted to secure my CC and not sell it or worse?

      • Kimberly Davis

        Uh oh that will unfortunately scare alot of people off. So maybe I’ll reconsider…however there has to be something out thr similar tht doesn’t require money?

  • Don’t you think that with a population that lives far longer than any other that cutting age off at 54 is a little premature??? Some of us who may be OVER that demographic are long-time digital geeks –

  • Only facebook is the most reffering site in social media before stumbleupon. Very very less traffic coming pinterest after all efforts

  • Great infographic. I’m not surprised to see that Pinners are predominatly women. My wife, who pins frequently, refers to Pinterest as “digital hording.”

  • In total agreement Nancy, but then we don’t know just how many of us are out there.

    Stands to reason that Facebook will come out tops, it came into the marketplace purely for connecting with family and friends. So numbers grew fast, for marketers it is not cut and dried. Large numbers does not always equate to good ROI – Facebook is a game to play cautiously in marketing.

    Jennifer – thanks for the link, will take a look.

  • Kimberly Davis

    Personally I love pinterest and I think if it had more space for verbal sharing Facebook would have a run for it’s money.