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Why The New Twitter Is Even More Addictive

Twitter’s stream is at first glance just text and links and it has always seemed a rather bland and boring interface to experience and view the multi-media web that has evolved over the past few years.The New Twitter Becomes More Addictive

Well, Twitter has just changed the game and its interface will start to look more like a Facebook page with photos and videos about to be presented in its stream with its new 2 pane design.

Over the next two weeks Twitter will roll out to its users its new multimedia interface which will make the Twitter experience much more engaging, inviting and addictive.

The user will not have to leave the Twitter browser to view a video from YouTube hidden within the link in the Tweet but will be displayed within Twitter in the right hand pane in the new design and functionality.

New Twitter Will Make You Think Like A Publisher

In a very similar manner to the Twitter iPad experience, Twitter users browse tweets in the typical timeline fashion, with links, photos, videos, profiles and other content opening up in new panes to the right of the timeline.

Media posts are tagged as such with their corresponding icons, and you can simply click on them to pull up photos or watch live and recorded videos

The implications for Bloggers when posting on Twitter now will be that they now will need to think more like a multimedia publisher and embed photos and videos within their posts to make it more inviting to viewers on Twitter.

The phrase “think like a publisher” has now become even more important for new age marketers as they are dragged further into this multimedia and ever fascinating digital world.

Twitter is about to become even more addictive!!

Do you like the new Twitter and how do you think it will affect your online publishing?

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  • Twitter is developing its user interface to allow tweeps to express themselves using multimedia. To state that this is a monumental development for Twitter is an understatement. It is a PROFOUND change for Twitter and it will empower all who use Twitter. You’ll see a significant increase in the number of new users of this service.

  • NOW THIS IS NEWS! Looks like Twitter has been looking at alternative sites and THIS WILL CHANGE the way that I will need to be sending out my Tweets etc. Thanks for the update… You must have GREAT CONNECTIONS! I did not even realise that this was happening… No wonder I read your BLOG EVERYDAY! The best way for me to keep up to date RICH :0)

  • Very cool! Loved the video, it clarified (in such a delightful way)how the new platform will work. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Wow! This is exciting — I am confident that you will be the source to follow to learn how to best take advantage of all these new opportunities on twitter.

  • wow, so now less traffic to these video and photo sites? kind of a drag for twitpic and others – they will lose advertising revenue and pageviews from this

    but it was bound to happen….

    yes, us bloggers are learning more and more about being a publisher….too many new things!! haha but its fun

  • I can’t wait! It looks like Twitter will be more efficient and time saving so we can get even MORE tweeting done! lol! The video made me smile :-)))

  • Well, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. Either we are going to see really cool stuff or more garbage like the latest thing going on with bonehead celebrities. I think it would be cool if twitter posted a couple of videos done by that guy Jeff Bullas! lol We shall see!

  • Go Twitter go. I love this microblogging site and now there’s even more to it.

  • Great post! this is why Travel Spike is in the twitter business. This is an excellent read! Twitter already is very addictive and requires attention 24/7. that is what we do on twitter (handle @travelmediaguru) and on our website http://www.travelspike.com take a look and let me know what you think!

  • I’m just wondering how it’s going to effect all those fancy Twitter backgrounds people have. Does a visitor to someone’s Twitter site see the same wide layout? Is the layout collapsible? Since Twitter has yet to give me access to its new version, I’m asking out of ignorance.

  • YAY!!! I love great news and I hope this is a great thing for Twitter!! It will be interesting to see how it all works out!! Thanks Jeff!

  • When everyone is a publisher will we still call it publishing?

  • Yay! I’m so excited for the change. I’ve always picked WAY better pics for my posts than blog titles. Been suffering for it… happy the playing field is becoming level :).

  • I am only beginning to understand the power of Twitter. I have been using Facebook for a long time now, mainly to keep track of my family. Twitter is a different beast, but exciting. Just don’t know how to keep track of all the Tweets that fly through. I cannot possibly read them all or look at every link they contain. AHHHHHHHHH!!! 

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  • I have yet to unleash the power of Twitter. Been using FB for a long time to keep tabs on my family back in the USA. I live in NZ…

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  • It seems like a natural transition for Twitter to make these changes.  In my opinion I like that there will be a multi-media integration.  

  • Just because I – in person, mind you – accidentally introduced myself as @JBSCanada:disqus, instead of by my given name – doesn’t mean I’m addicted to Twitter!

    Just FYI, my given name is johnbrianshannon.com 

    http://paper.li/JBSCanada/1327003139 and that should clear up everything.

    Have a great day Tweeps. JBS

  • Jeff, I am new at Twitter! like most people I did not understand the power of Twitter and what a wonderful tool it is! And yes you are right it is addictive! For those of us who strive to twitt gourmet twits addressing our interest and passion, it is going to be like you write mandatory to “add more content to our blogs / websites! Thank you for your kind recommendation and as usual your postings are excellent and relevant! Thank you fand greetings from this side of the pond: keep on teeching!…