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The New Twitter Newspaper You Cannot Ignore

I don’t about you but I have noticed a Twitter newspaper bobbing in the Twitter stream over the last few months and the occasional few is turning into an armada.

Even Guy Kawasaki (of Alltop.com fame) is tweeting his edition and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger is getting into it.Twitter Newspaper paper.li

So the new Twitter newspaper is gaining some traction and it is time to take a closer look.

It is called paper.li and it provides  3 ways to aggregate your Twitter stream into a news format. It is very similar in its concept to the iPad app Flipboard, which displays news in text, video and images that are embedded in your Twitter stream

First Version

The first way is of a Twitter user + those being followed

The newspaper will be created using
  • All the links (articles) shared in the past 24 hours by the selected Twitter account (curator)
  • The people being followed by that user (contributors) of a Twitter user
  • Those being followed.
Here is a sample of my Paper.li Twitter newspaper created this way

Twitter Newspaper You Can't Ignore paper.li

Frankly my Paper.li Twitter newspaper this morning is rather boring with “Google Analytics” and “Major Plumbing in the headlines but maybe my Twitter stream reveals my true inclinations, which is a bit scary.

Second Version

The second way it can be built is using a # Tag

The newspaper will be created using all the links (articles) shared in the past 24 hours by all Twitter users that have associated the selected #tag.

Here is a Twitter newspaper created using the hash Tag #SM (Social Media)

Twitter Newspaper Hash Tag Edition Paper.li

Third Version

The final type of Paper.li  newspaper can be built using a Twitter list.

The newspaper will be created using all the links (articles) shared in the past 24 hours by all Twitter users on the selected list.

Here is one using Shauna Casey’s Twitter list Faves (Her list of people she has worked with in TV or sports, and people she would love to work with in the future.)

Twitter News Paper li created from a Twitter List of Shauna Casey

Its uses as it evolves could be very beneficial for communities including companies and educational institutions like universities and colleges  to aggregate the Twitter content of one group into a newspaper that is essentially custom built automatically around the interests and tweets of the group as revealed by Twitter and paper.li

Try it out. I would be interested in your feedback.

Image by Jraj7

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  • Thanks for the post, i will certainly try it out!

  • I think this is a really cool idea, especially for someone like myself who is an educator and does a LOT of public awareness. Thank you for once again, the scoop on what is the latest and greatest!

  • Timely blog Jeff. I was just included in the #NoCo (Northern Colorado) paper the last 2 days for the same story – starting movement to build gluten Free Food Banks around the nation. I’ll build my own paper and let you know what I think. Thanks!

  • Hey Jeff! I’ve been using Paper.li for just over a month now and LOVE it. It’s a profoundly useful way for me to browse content from my Twitter lists. In my opinion, Paper.li has reinvented the newspaper for future generations by creating interactive “papers” with content I’ve prequalified as something I should read.

    My Paper.li Newspapers (Based on Twitter lists):
    Conversion Correspondent #CRO: http://paper.li/aschottmuller/conversion-optimization
    eMarketing Rockstars Review: http://paper.li/aschottmuller/emarketing-rockstars
    #Measure Up – #Analytics Almanac: http://paper.li/aschottmuller/analytics-market-research
    Designer’s Digest: http://paper.li/aschottmuller/design

    Thanks for promoting this awesome tool!


  • You have my brain working… this is such a cool idea but the irony of twitter becoming a newspaper source is not lost on me 🙂

  • This is a WONDERFUL idea! I just created the first ever JD Ebberly Daily edition! http://t.co/3S2eLR5

  • John Lawrence

    I’ve been using Paper.li for a few months now. I absolutely love it. Only downside that I’ve found so far – doesn’t seem to print in the same way as you see it on the screen (could be missing a setting however). Love to hear if anyone else has tried to print using normal “print” command vs. screenshot or if anyone knows of a workaround?

  • msd

    Fabulous, fabulous. Another nail in the coffin of the printosaurus?

  • Hey Jeff,

    One suggestion is to merge multiple RSS feeds into a single feed and use the master for the main news source. Yahoo Pipes does it quite well.

    This gives you the flexibility of using different data feeds and keeping the content that bit richer.


  • I have been using Paper.li since a while as an alternative method to share my #FollowFriday list, and I think it’s a very nice way to present information and allow people to have a more informed reason to like or not a certain Twitter user.

  • Great concept! I definitely agree with @Ivan Walsh’s comment above. Yahoo Pipes is a great tool for mashing up RSS feeds from around the web to provide fresh new content. Plus it’s easy to publish on your blog.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Although paper.li seems to be a great idea, I have already seen an unfortunate dark side to it.

    I read a tweet that the Daily of one of the people I follow was available. I don’t know the person personally, but have been aware of this person as they are quite respected on th internet for the technical savvy.

    I opened up this person’s daily, and started reading. There was an article about Harry Potter so I looked into that further. It was a story about Harry Potter being tied up in a Dungeon, and he was being tortured. Then as I read more I discoved that it was actually some sort of porn that really disgusted me.

    I tweeted to the person that I did not think that this was appropriate. The person responded that they did not write that, and it was collected automatically.

    Still – I had found it on a electronic “newspaper” called “The XXX Daily”. Even though XXX may not have had anything to do with the story (directly), I now associate that porn story with that person. XXX has fallen drastically in my estimation.

    One tip is – when you get the paper created, it will, by default, send out a tweet when the paper is ready. I suggest deactivating this, and checking what’s in the paper first before tweeting about it.

  • Way cool! Going to have a meeting with my team next week regarding this one!

  • Very cool idea, Jeff! Love it. Best of luck with your New Twitter Newspaper

  • Great Post. Just built what O hope the worlds first Twitter Chiropractic Newspaper
    Chiropractic Daily World News http://bit.ly/95Lfkr
    Thank you very much for this information.

  • Wesley Gransden

    I’ve used it before and pulled the plug on it because of unintended content that was inappropriate to my values (but obviously not to some of my followers). Its difficult to manage and at the time it was easier to pull than manage. That said when it worked it worked very well. Will try again soon and use the suggestion by Mark J Owen above.


  • I was impressed the first couple of times I saw this tool in action, but after seeing a ton of people in my community publish their own ‘daily’ I’m not so sure. RTing works because you share only the news stories and ideas that you value. Also, when you retweet you can quote the original and add a unique thought of your own. I’m beginning to see these ‘Daily’s” as undesirable spam with little or no thought put into the quality of the material collated and shared. Sorry Jeff, my vote on Paper.Li is “nice idea in theory, fails in action”. I would prefer a bit more discerning selection of stories and ideas and the chance for the editor to add more their own blend and oversight to the material. It falls into the ‘easy to produce but not so good for the consumer’ category.

  • I think most of these comments miss the point by a bit. you humans like to see your name in lights. when you send out the daily to the people whom you are showcasing in said daily, the person will send that daily to their stream, and their supporters will open it up, and see out of a sense of curiosity what prompted you to be published in said daily. thus it becomes a way for the people who are highlighted to disseminate your name, and vicariously their own name as it were to their streams. moreover, those people who have been put in the daily may also bookmark the article, and go back, save it to show their grandmother, whatever.

    humans should think beyond their own personal “feelings” or observations when leaving comments and look at the larger picture and the sociological reaction that social media has upon the information stream, and the symbiotic relationship between the outlet and the audience.

    my masseuse is outside, honking her horn at me, she’s taking me shopping, and modeling some new outfits… hopefully it won’t cost me too much on my credit card.

    have a great evening, thanks for posting the review of this product.

    I tweet at @Samuel_Clemons

  • I started the Christine Fernand daily about a month ago when I saw the Dave Stewart daily and thought it was a pretty neat idea. In hindsight I should have used tags and lists as mine can be a bit boring and lacking in any theme (but now I know).

    I find it interesting to look through the days tweets via paper.li as I have found some useful links that I would otherwise have missed within the timeline.

    I also find it interesting to look at the papers of those I am following. Through them I find more articles that are of interest to me and people I would like to follow. It has been a success for me.

  • Your post is timely as I am just diving into Paper.li. I like the sound of option 3, where the daily is generated by a specific list. You can very selective with your list which should solve some of the concerns I read in comments below about random content being published. This social media world is changing every second and I think we all have to be so careful to spend time evaluating before implementing to keep our professional credibility strong. I do intend to give Paper.li a once-over to see if it is valuable to my audience, or just another cool piece of technology that doesn’t add anything of significance to the platform.

  • Katahdin07

    Have had mine for several months and think. It. Is a great resource

  • Fantastic insight into how paper.li works. I’ve been enjoying it for awhile, but I haven’t tried the hash tag version. Thanks for sharing Jeff! #stl

  • Thanks for the informative article on Paper.li Jeff. I realize that this post is months old and I’m wondering if you’ve been using paper.li yourself. If so, have you found it useful and how are you using it? I found the paper to be quite cluttered and the stories to be very hit or miss. I haven’t been able to find an explanation of how they choose what makes up a top story.

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