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The Top 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – Infographic

WordPress is the engine that drives over 150 million blogs on the World Wide Web. It is open source software that provides access for developers to create add on-ons (plugins) that increases its functionality for users with a few clicks. It was first released on May 27, 2003, by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. At last count there were over 22,000 plugins available to download.

The Top 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins

One of the reasons it is used by many people as a blogging platform is that it is easy to use without having to be a programmer. It has become the de-facto blogging software for bloggers that  imagine and dream that one day they can monetize their knowledge and escape their day job and pursue their passion.

Turning a blog into revenue can be achieved in a variety of ways which includes on-site advertising, packaging your knowledge and selling it as an online course or as the core web portal that opens up business opportunities.

It is your online billboard and resume.

Flexibility and control

Ultimate flexibility is achieved by setting up WordPress with these three key features.

  1. With your own domain name
  2. A WordPress template
  3. Self hosted with a web hosting company such as WebHostingBuzz.

This set-up allows you to customise almost any feature and functionality of your blog without another providers limitations. It provides you with control of your online destiny without fear of an external blogging or social media network such as Facebook or Tumblr shuttering your service because you didn’t obey their terms of use.

It may not be quite as easy to use, but if you have an inkling that you may take your blogging to a professional level one day or may get more serious about your online publishing. Then make that little extra effort from day one.

Take a closer look

If you want to check out the top 30 most popular WordPress plugins in more detail then here are the links with more in depth information.

  1. All in One SEO Pack
  2. Akismet
  3. Google XML Sitemaps
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. NexGen Gallery
  6. WP Super Cache
  7. Google Analytics for WordPress
  8. WP Touch
  9. WordPress Importer
  10. JetPack by WordPress.com
  11. Fast Secure Contact Form
  12. WP Page Navi
  13. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  14. Share Buttons by Lockerz
  15. WP e-Commerce
  16. Google Analyticator
  17. Yet Another related Posts Plugin
  18. Tiny MCE Advanced
  19. Sociable
  20. Really Simple Captcha
  21. GTrans 
  22. WP to Twitter
  23. Broken Link Checker 
  24. Add This
  25. W3 Total Cache
  26. Buddy Press
  27. WP-DB-Backup
  28. Smart YouTube Pro
  29. Re-Direction
  30. WP Polls

What is interesting to notice is the importance of SEO and AntiSpam with them appearing at the top of the list. Sharing of content functions is also important with the list appearance of social sharing function plugins such as LockerEz and sociable.

Want a Quick Snap Shot?

Here is an infographic that gives you an overview that sums it up in a glance or two.

WordPress Most Popular Plugins Source: WPTemplate.com

What About You?

What Plugins do you use? Have they made a difference to your blogs performance, security or sharing.

Are there any plugins you think are worth a mention?

Look forward to hearing about them in the comments below.




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  • Paul Guzman

    Great list. Many of these make my blogging life easier I don’t use all of them. What about you Jeff? How many do you actually use? Paul

    • I use Akismet which I find great for reducing my Spam diet and JetPack, Contact form 7 and All in one SEO,

      • Is Jetpack the one that supplies all the social sharing buttons? I see the GetSocial sharebar and po.st share buttons on the bottom of your posts? Anything else maybe?
        I’ve been looking for a decent share plugin for quiete some time and I really like the look adn feel of ShareThis, but I’ve noticed that when I enable Yoast’s Twitter meta card data, ShareThis doesn’t show on every post

  • Sandy Appleyard

    I use Akismet, SEO Yoast, Lockerz, LiveFyre and some others. They’re all great and make life so much easier, but one thing we all need to be careful of is plugging in too many if they’re not tested on your particular theme. I once installed an eCommerce plugin and walked away, logged back in a half hour later to a white screen! AAAHHH!! Thankfully my hosting provider dug me out quickly, but I let that be a lesson. Make sure you only install one plug in at a time and no more than one a day, so you know if any of them are going to mess with your site. Great post. Thanks for the easy break down list of them all.

    • Thanks Sandy for sharing your experiences about plugins. The other thing to keep in mind is also not to load too many as that can slow your site down!

      • Great post. You said don’t install to many, is there a max or way to check in settings as I’m sure each pluggin is different?

        • There is no right and wrong but you just need to keep an eye on load time for pages to ensure that your blog is still a good user experience. Google will mark you down for SEO for a slow website as it is now built into their algorithm.

  • cboulanger

    I notice that most of list is free stuff, but I’m surprised VaultPress isn’t getting more love. It’s become my default for WP backups and I just upgraded to include security. Constant backups mean you have your most current site available if things go wrong and it removes a maintenance chore. I use Yoast SEO everywhere.

  • Great list Jeff! But In addition to the plugins that are meant to make our life easier, or fancier i would like to point out that using a well coded security plugin like Bulletproof security, Wordfence, or Better WP security (just one of them), is also essential to harden a bit the security of the installation. I would also add to Sandy’s comment, that adding too many plugins can by itself increase the security holes of a wordpress installation. So I would generally advice against adding any plugins, that their functionalities is already included in the theme, or can be easily added with a few blocks of code, or are not indispensable.

  • excellent compilation, Infographic is a very creative and informative way to transfer thoughts.

    • That is what is great about Infographics, combining the best of both images and complex data

  • Richard Malone

    Great article. I have lots to learn about Word Press and plugins and this will be helpful, thanks.

  • Very valuable Jeff, thank you – I’m taking action on some of these now.
    What about subscription plugins? I am very surprised that nobody really promotes subscription plugins that allow users to ‘Follow’ a hosted wordpress site (like the Follow in wordpress.com). I am trialling a plugin called Subscribe2 which seems to work well.
    Any ideas about why such a key feature is never talked about??

    • All I could say is that with 22,000 plus plugins it gets lost in the crowd. 🙂

  • makemyblogmoney

    Yup, I use most of these!

  • Great stuff and a good idea for an infographic. I definitely need to take a look into some of these.

    • Greg Murch

      Jetpack has this

    • Greg Murch

      Jetpack has this

  • Great to hear that is working so well for you!

  • Interesting how much overlap there is between this and my list (http://www.markpack.org.uk/38897/ten-wordpress-plugins-201/).

    I think Google Doc Embedder is a much under-valued plugin. It’s very useful and I’m sure would benefit many people who haven’t (yet!) heard of it.

    • Damian @ CJToolbox

      I have not used Google Doc Embedder before, as as an avid Google apps user, I should certainly check this one out. Thanks

  • I would LOVE a WP Plugin recommendation for a book/product carousel or shelf or slider to help share recommended resources with visitors. Thank you for any advice or guidance!!

    • Greg Murch

      Jetpack has this feature

    • Greg Murch

      Jetpack has this feature

  • Great list, Jeff. This is a very helpful resource for blog owners. The infographic is not only engaging but informative as well!

  • I spent some time read this article and I found a couple plugin which I use,but I think as Wp Auto Affiliate Links must be in this list.

  • DrR

    Good info for me as new user putting together WP site & blog

  • Linh Doan

    Very helpful for me!!! keep up the good work.

  • wowow nice article 🙂 <3 all in one seo pack

  • CalebS

    Good list. Google Analyticator looks interesting. In the same vein, check out AdTrackz Gold. Reviews of that and other wordpress plugins here.

  • Libin

    Nice collection.

    But I think you are missing a Login Page Customization plugin. Because users love the final touches. Check this: Erident Custom Login and Dashboard http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/erident-custom-login-and-dashboard

    Check it out.

  • hi what social share plugin are you using?

    • I am Using two
      Digg Digg and Getsocial

      • I prefer to go with AA’s Digg Digg Alternative plugin, it has much faster loading times.

  • Awesome List!

    For comments check our Barc, it’s all in real-time, it’s free, and it comes with a TON of other cool features: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/barc-chat

  • Hello
    Really informative friend and helpful post too , thank you.

    I try to mostly use my own images, but sometimes need different sorts of
    images, so will give these plugins a try.

  • amiti

    I just started using the feedweb plugin in order to better interact with my readers. Anyone else using it?

  • I’ve finally decided to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I’m nervous about the move, but I know it needs to happen to increase revenue, which is my goal. *crossing fingers that this transition works!*
    Thank you for providing great info.!

  • Jason Lemington

    Great compilation of useful plugins. I have tried this
    plugin for embedding a photo stream on my website. Simple to use and works fast
    It automatically collects images from social events worldwide and its free.

  • David_in_Greece

    Very nice list, thank you! These seem to be all free plugins. Is there also a list with the most successful premium plugins? I don’t see any rating plugins on that which is strange, given the fact that also rating plugins play a certain role in SEO and creating trust, like this one for example http://wp-buddy.com/products/plugins/purple-heart-rating-wordpress-plugin/

  • Zach Smith

    this was actually informative – not like most of what i see online. sharing 🙂

  • Zach Smith

    Thanks for publishing another great article for us. This is best for any technology related blog.

  • Mike

    Great article and great plugins. I use quite a few of these as well. For SEO for Spam etc. Will install a few from the list. I also use one for link management. To exchange links and manage them etc. by trafficfeed, very useful, we have quite a few domains that we manage for our clients and we can interlink them and or link with others.

    • Edward Byrne

      Hi Mike

      Are you still happy with Trafficfeed? Is it finding useful links?

      Thx, Ed

  • dammy


  • dammy


  • good collection of plugins.


  • Rhys Morgan

    This is 2 years old! why are you still pushing stuff that might be incompatible with later versions of wordpress

  • Eva Añón

    Jeff: What do you think about jetpack? Is it extremely heavy plugin or not?