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Top 10 WordPress Plugins That You Need To Be Using In 2014

Top 10 WordPress Plugins That You Need To Be Using In 2014

If you’re running a WordPress-powered website or blog, then you’re always searching for a way to innovate and make your site easier to use –for both you and your visitors.  This is one reason why WordPress plugins are so unbelievably awesome, because they seem like quick little cheats and hacks that take little-to-no time to learn, install, and use.

One of the most important parts of the plugins we chose is that all ten of them can help just about any blog in some way.  Also, we wanted high functionality, low cost, ease of use, popularity, and simple installation.  To make the cut, they basically have to be foolproof and downright powerful.

Well, it is now the year 2014, and this top-10 list of the year’s best plugins has arrived.  If you haven’t yet download these plugins, your life is about to get a whole lot easier…

Here are top 10 WordPress Plugins you should consider using in 2014.

#1: WordPress SEO by Yoast

With over 7 million downloads to date, that makes this one of the #1 WordPress plugins for its power, ease-of-use, and functionality for optimizing your posts for search engines.  Basically, the plugin works the way it sounds: simply download it, install the plugin, and it goes to work getting your blog or website search engine optimized.  According to the raving customer reviews, this plugin is not to be overlooked.

Top 10 WordPress plugins Yoast

#2: WP Google Drive

Don’t get caught in a sticky situation.  Backing up the files from your WordPress site is just as essential, as it is easy with this plugin, called WP Google Drive.  Backup plugins for WordPress are a dime-a-dozen; however, the fact that this backs up to Google Drive makes it unbelievably simple and convenient.

Top 10 WordPress plugins Google Drive

#3: Ebyline WordPress Payments

Ebyline is an industry leader in connecting freelance writers and clients who need content creation.  Thus it makes sense that they would develop a plugin that allows clients to pay freelance writers directly from their WordPress dashboard.  Not only is this convenient, but the plugin even keeps track of W9 tax information too.  Clever.  Very clever.

Top 10 WordPress plugins EByline

#4: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

If you need to track your traffic, but don’t want to navigate away from your WordPress dashboard, then you can do it with this plugin: Google Analytics Dashboard.  The convenience of this plugin is monumental, giving you a realtime picture of what your traffic is doing, directly from inside WordPress.

#5: Shareaholic

If you want one of the best plugins in the history of blogging, you’ll need to download Shareaholic.  It’s basically a platform, from which you can get your blog posts noticed, via social networking media.  Not only will this work with Facebook, but you can also use it with LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google+.  Also, it will provide the usual Facebook buttons, just so you can increase your blog post’s ‘shareability’.  In addition, its sleek design cuts down on the clutter, helping your blog get noticed and stand out.  Few plugins are this powerful.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Shareaholic

#6: Thank Me Later

Have you ever posted a comment on a blog, or provided your email to a site –then receiving an email mere seconds from doing so?  You automatically think, “Well either that’s the most obsessive blog admin on the web, or this is an auto-generated email.”  Well, with Thank Me Later, you can make your ‘Thank you,’ emails far more personal through the ability to customize certain fields, and the best part… you can tell it to send hours after you the signup.  The beauty of this is the fact that it provides a much more personal touch to the emails that are programmed to be sent to new commenters and visitors.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Thank Me later

#7: Akismet

Of course, not all comments are generated without ulterior motives.  Having to deal with spam and those annoying ad comments is synonymous with the success of a blog… until now.

Askimet is a WordPress plugin that will filter junk comments and sift through the real ones and the spam.  Simply set it and forget it, but you can moderate all comments if you wish.  Also, your use of Askimet will send reports and help improve the plugin to provide better filtering.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Akismet

#8: Contact Form 7

Basically, Contact Form 7 is a WP plugin that provides one of the most functional, simplest, and easiest contact forms for blogs.  If you’ve recently filled out a contact form on a blog, then there’s a good chance it was one powered by Contact Form 7.  Also, do you remember how we talked about those annoying spammers in #7?  Well, CF7 even works with Askimet, so that you can rest assured –those spammers aren’t going to abuse your contact form.

 Top 10 WordPress Plugins Contact form 7

#9: Simple Pull Quote

If you run any kind of a research-based blog or write about anything concerning current events, then it is important to be able to quote your sources.  However, quoted sources are often overlooked by readers.  One great way to keep people reading (even your quotes) is to make the quote ‘stick out’.

Simple Pull Quote is a plugin that simply adds a button to your post dashboard, which allows you to highlight the text that was pulled from another source.  The visitor then sees a clear, concise quote that sticks out.  Simple.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Simple Pull Quote

#10: JM Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards were only announced in 2013 and enable you to tweet with media included. They allow you to insert images and video from the blog post into your Tweets that link to your content. When you click on a tweet, it’ll show more information about that tweet such as its title, a short summary, image, Twitter account and source link. This can turn your Twitter stream into something more like Facebook or Google+.

This is a relatively new plugin (with great reviews and over 25,000 downloads to date). But If you would like to insert pictures and video directly into your Twitter stream than this plugin is it!

Top 10 WordPress Plugins JM Twitter card

Your WordPress blog is only as good as the plugins you use.  Plugins basically make life simple and your blogging effective.  In addition, the ability to utilize entire SEO packages and work directly with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, are fantastic assets.  Some of the most prevalent bloggers in the industry swear by plugins – so learn from the best, and be sure not to overlook these fantastic WP plugins in 2014.

What about you?

What WordPress plugins have you found useful? Which ones couldn’t you do without?

Look forward to hearing about them in the comments below.


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  • Hey Jeff,

    what a great list of plugins. I’ve introduced myself with most and I use a couple of already, but these stood out for me in this roundup:

    JM Twitter Cards
    Thank Me Later
    WP Google Drive

    Going to play around with them all when I get the time.

    Have you tried Twitter cards yourself, what do you think? Has anyone else from the community tried them? I’m looking for some feedback!

  • Tom @Ideas4Dads

    Thanks for this. Have 3 of the 10 and will trying the others very shortly 🙂

  • Ben Lorentzen

    You just have the best blogposts ever… I learn something every time. Thank you:)

  • Sorry, plugins are not allowed at the Free WordPress.COM . Plugins are only for self-hosted blogs

    • Author Nicole Luongo

      Thanks, Jeff. You confirmed what I thought was true. 🙁

  • You are welcome Kimanzi

  • Working on it and 40,000 words into the writing !!

  • I’m always on the lookout for new plugins – Simple Pull Quote looks like a nice add.

  • I don’t have a “plugins” option in my WordPress dashboard to upload Yoast. Any suggestions?

    • GeorginaLester

      Have you got a web designer who has set up the site for you. It sounds like they have restricted access to your own plugins unless you have a free site.

  • My Zite App has been sending me to your great site lately… a lot! Human learning and machine learning converged and I just signed up to be part of your Email list so I can learn some more! Thanks for teaching us bootstrapping but somewhat tech savvy entrepreneurs PRACTICAL stuff! I consider you a virtual mentor of mine now 🙂

    Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP

    CEO Socially Speaking LLC

    Director: The NICE Initiative for Female Entrepreneurship

    Author: “The NICE Reboot: How to Become a Better Female Entrepreneur-How to Balance Your Craving for Humanity & Technology in Today’s Startup Culture”

    Creator: Socially Speaking™ App for iPad

    Websites: sociallyspeakingLLC.com, niceinitiative.com

    Twitter: @PopGoesPenina

  • #2: WP Google DriveCompatible up to: 3.4.2

    Last Updated: 2012-8-3 Kind of staying away from extensions that don’t show compatible with the latest version of WordPress I don’t like old ones.

  • Barry Clermont

    Thanks! Been using Yoast for a while and really appreciate the rest of the list.

  • Jeesun Kim

    So glad to find this article. I needed a plugin like Simple Pull Quote

  • I used to have Analytics Dashboard, but whenever there is an API change, the developers seem to be slow to update. And besides, am I really that lazy that I can’t open up another tab?

  • bob lee

    Php code for posts (http://wordpress.org/plugins/php-code-for-posts/) is an excellent way to get php code embedded in posts (for simple dynamic content). Sure its not so great for when there are many unknown authors (security n all) but when there are one or two trusted authors, its magic!

  • abhinav

    I also use this new chat thing on the block. http://wordpress.org/plugins/scrollback/ it is neat.

  • archee

    what is the plugin that is used on your site for the social buttons and the follow buttons on the left?

    • I think he uses Digg Digg for WordPress. Its a plugin.

  • AnnyIngram

    I used to have Analytics Dashboard and that is updated version and plugin is good

  • Perfect timing. Thanks, Jeff! Currently redoing and migrating my website.

  • Leah Lambart

    Very helpful! I had a few, but not all. Now I do!

  • Thanks for the tips, Jeff!

  • Jen Vermaas

    Great plugins! Thanks for introducing me to JM Twitter Cards:)

  • Edward Tay

    Thanks Jeff for the helpful advice. For visitor retention, i use nrelate Related Content plugin which recommends similar or related articles from your blog

  • AnnyIngram

    thanks for sharing this so nice one and amazing resources

  • unity3

    Great tips Jeff. I use Shareaholic already and love it.

  • Charisse Murray

    Thanks so much for the thank me later plugin that’s cool

  • Edword Jones

    Well i would like to say one of the great content ever seen by me. Such a nice knowledgeable content. I appreciate your efforts and will definitely recommend to all. All plugins are really useful. Thanks For Sharing

  • Jeeni

    You forgot the word “SEO” in #1.

  • John Janney

    What about: 1) WordPress Backup to Dropbox WPB2D; 2) Stop Registration Spam; and 3) Jetpack?

  • Roman Rage

    Thank you for this great collection of the WordPress Plugins in 2014, “Jeff”. What are the criteria for you to come up with these plugins and put them in a list?

  • I installed Twitter Cards, and have heard of this. And I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with it. LOL. Guess I’ll just keep on reading. Thanks for list!

  • Matt Keys
  • Great wordpress plugin collections.

  • #5 links to the wrong plugin. Good list.

  • Renu Bisht

    Amazing list of plugins as i am using many of them, i love this list.


  • Top 10 WordPress Plugins That You Need To Be Using In 2014
    Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/01/28/top-10-wordpress-plugins-that-you-need-to-be-using-in-2014/#p1G50zAGQewBtpd3.99 please update and review this list, the #2 item was last updated 2012-8-3 and is out of date as can be. I just saw this post on twitter for the 2014 plugins Top 10, there are not 10 here Jeff, c’mon now.

  • Kevin

    Great list! I always try to keep the plugins I use to a minimum but the ones you´ve mentioned here are really indispensable. I´ve noticed that I´m using different plugins for the same functions (e.g. wp-db-backup, instant upgrade). I´ll check out your proposals as they seem more flexible.


  • Before that I was too a bit skeptical at first, but everything has worked out with no problems.
    I use same theme from last 3 years on my website http://www.dailynewscompany.com I always go with same, and i suggest this theme to all wordpress user.

  • Hi,

    We have a plugin we created for interstitial ads to help site owners generate more revenue for their sites that we developed as we couldn’t find a useful plugin out there that already did it. Maybe you could add it to your list?


    Great list of plugins though. Would really appreciate any addition to your site as the plugin took us quite a while to build and think helps people out a lot!

    Thanks 🙂

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Already using most plugins from this list but “Ebyline WordPress Payments” and “Shareaholic” new to me. Will try later these two plugins. Thank you.

  • cashitgadget

    if you guys haven’t seen the new Riviton GoViral Facebook LIKE & SHARE plugin, you should check it out. Its shooting a lot of my current blog content form my site ViralFlood.com into the viral atmosphere on. Its by far more effective for now then all of these FB plugins put together. You can check my Alexa also 😉 Its called the “Riviton GoViral Facebook Like & Share Popup” its working miracles for me, You’ll thank me later…

  • ajmalsaqi

    Already using most plugins from this list but “Ebyline WordPress Payments” and “Shareaholic” new to me.
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    auto spare parts



  • We think SlimStat is by far one of the best plugins, there’re many others, but not as impressive as it.

  • Nathan Sack

    Great List i will be working on putting together a website soon. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to deliver information.

  • All in one seo plugin better then
    yoast plugin…

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    Blogging Tips and Tricks

  • Thanks for sharing these, I will look into some of these for my blog, http://www.courageouschristianfather.com/

  • Good information, although some of the plug ins don’t seem to be updated.

  • Gravity Forms is much better than Contact Form 7 😉

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    Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

  • I love Magic Action Box — it has been a game-changer for me to easily create Form boxes that are specifically designed for each location.

    I am using MP Share Center over Shareaholic at the moment…it provides a simplified / less bloated experience over what Shareaholic has provided.

  • Would love to add ours to the list! Our plugin let’s you add a video stream to your site that pulls videos based on any topic, while filtering the rest. It also adds commenting, and voting on videos: http://www.videonab.com

  • Malcolm Galt

    Awesome list!! Especially Yoast, really helping us a lot.

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  • Thanks for sharing this list. I agree that most of these plugins are essential and im using some on my site brightverge.com. Some were new to me, though. I’ll definitely look into them. Is it possible to add more Instagram profiles on my WordPress websites?-

  • Thx for the review. I’m a big fan of SEO, Yoast

  • Thanks for sharing great list of WordPress blog plugin. I have been using most of them.
    Best Regarding

  • inspiredmag

    Great post Jeff! Another hidden gem that I’ve been using for years: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-old-post/

  • acesoftech

    Oh sir! You have missed Woocommerce which is very popular plugin.



  • One quick question jeff about akismet.
    Do we still need akismet when we used disqus plugin?

    About usefully plugins, for me SEO YOAST still on the top.

  • Daniel Keith

    Hi Jeff,
    Nice sharing. Especially Akismet is best to stop spam on your website.

  • cool. The plugins mentioned above will really help you on your site to achieve high rank, Security and Backup . Thanks for sharing these Plugins. I would like to make a suggestion of few plugins I always use on my sites http://blog.templatetoaster.com/essential-plugins-for-a-wordpress-website/

  • John Allred

    I seem to notice that everyone in SEO prefers WordPress and Joomla seems
    to be less popular. Can you tell me what it is about Joomla that people
    actually like

  • Arshid KV

    Good plugin list. Popular WordPress plugin for your WordPress. It will limit login attempts https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-limit-login-attempts/ ciphercoin.com

  • YOAST is a boss plugin i ever used. I hardly have to do for my onpage customization. Comment redirect is also nice but i never used it before. I am just starting it on my dite. thanks for sharing a informative article.

  • I really love the security plugin called Wordfence. It allow me to auto block any IP trying to hack my site, it notifies me of out-of-date plugins, and if you do get hacked it will show you which files have been changed, then show you a comparison of before and after, and easily allow you to go back to the previous version of any file. The basic model is also free with the option of a more advanced paid model. Very slick and super easy to set up and use.


  • Danial Wilson

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  • Ahmad Raj

    Hi jeff, is there a way for my blog to be redirected to https? I am using free blogging platform called blogger, the blogger it self won’t allow user to instal ssl certificate, is any way to make it works? Thanks