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The Top 5 Social Media Posts

It is sometimes worth obtaining some perspective and to sit back and have a look at what people have found interesting about social media recently.Top 5 Social Media Posts

So here are what readers  to my blog have found most newsworthy and topical in the last 90 days.

The Top 5 Social Media Posts

1. 30 Things You Should Not Share On Social Media

Facebook and other social media channels have created an opportunity for people to share their personal information so this post looked at …from a slightly cheeky perspective… some of the things that maybe we should not share in cyberspace. (39 comments and 5,209 readers)

2. The 7 Secrets to Ford’s Social Media Marketing Success

Readers were very interested in how Ford has used social media to great advantage especially with the Ford Fiesta which used a social media marketing competition to drive brand awareness from a viral and socially vibrant angle. (47 comments and 4,285 readers)

3. 20 Things You Should Share On Social Media

This article was inspired by the fact that after writing the 30 things you should not share I thought that it would be good to look at the positive side. (29 comments and 4,183 readers)

4. Twitter Reveals 11 New Facts on its Traffic and Usage

The interest in Twitter seems to be undiminished and people are wanting to know what are the latest facts and figures so this post continues to draw interest. (15 comments and 3,453)

5. How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies

As well as the facts and figures readers are wanting to know how to use, apply and optimize  Twitter’s potential. (25 comments and 2,668 readers)

So what are some other topics on social media that you are wanting to know more about?

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  • I think more people should print out your advice on Facebook and pass it to their colleagues! Great list!

  • Heather Buen

    These are awesome and I have read some of these articles in the past. Good to have then all in one place!

  • Elena

    Linkedin & social media in BtoB

  • davidbcrowley

    Thanks for the recap links, Jeff! Helpful. Two topics of interest to me: practical tips on using Instragram for an organization (esp how to deal w personal vs. company accounts on one’s phone); and how to use the (relatively) new Facebook insights.

  • Maria Rekrut

    Wow Jeff, I’m really enjoying your quality information!!