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Twitter Comes to Google TV

Social media and new technology such as high speed broadband and blogging platforms like WordPress over the last few years have started delivering on the Web’s promise of global open communication, sometimes called the “democratization of the media”.Twitter Comes To Google TV

These developments have allowed people to publish, distribute and promote content easily without having to navigate the gatekeepers and curators of  mass publishing and mainstream TV.

YouTube has allowed people to publish and promote videos on a web platform that can be easily shared and embedded across social networks and multimedia platforms and with this we have seen the rise of the viral video with tens of millions of views not controlled by the traditional TV networks.

Despite this TV is one of last bastions of closed and highly controlled media networks that tells audiences what’s best for them (which is not, necessarily, what’s best for the audience).

Google TV promises to knock down the walls between traditional broadcast studio TV and the long-tail of open video content produced by consumers, producing free choice and competition on this last bastion of closed media.


Google TV is the Google-powered, Internet-enabled television “platform that combines your current TV programming and the open web into a single, seamless entertainment experience”

Mike Hudack the CEO  of Blip.tv who has been trialling Google TV for several months says

“We’re at the beginning of a new age, when anyone anyone with talent and drive can access audiences… and audiences can decide what’s best for them….It will be as easy to watch a blip show on the web as it will be to watch a broadcast TV show, and both will be on the same screen. This is fundamentally good for producers and fundamentally good for viewers.”

Twitter announced this week an app for Google TV that will provide the features and functionality that you would normally expect from Twitter that will bring Twitter to a platform that will merge the TV and Internet into one experience.

Twitter for Google TV, which is preinstalled, also lets you share videos, web pages, pictures, and other content on Twitter – just look for the “Share” option and select Twitter.

This is just the beginning of what could be possible at the intersection of the Web and TV.

I look forward to the continuing evolution of what could become a revolution of the TV industry

How do you think Google TV will impact your life?

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  • Certainly entering into a NEW BRAVE WORLD! Just watch GOOGLE Tv GO! RICH :0)

  • Cool stuff!

  • I want Google TV!! Sounds amazing and I believe it will simplify my life! Upgrades and change is welcomed when it comes to technology! Keeping up is the challenge!

  • Jeaster

    Looking forward to the continued evolution of this into the mainstream.

  • Jeaster

    Looking forward to the continued evolution of this into the mainstream.

  • Back in 1999, The ClueTrain Manifesto said – “A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster than most companies”.

    In 2000, I was involved in early Digital TV web pilots – one for a very well known travel company. It never quiet made it as a concept in our minds – the ingredients didn’t quiet taste right together.

    Now the conversation really is coming near to a television near you – the heady mix of Twitter, Google and the long promosed personalised TV-on-demand HAS to be a block-buster success. Gourmet cooking for the masses!

    Another great post, Jeff.

  • Truly the evolution of media consupmtion is near. I film and edit my own videos and use YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook to reach my followers and provide content on the very channels everyone is one all day any way. People aren’t watching TV all day, they’re on the Internet. I knew this would happen eventually. Great article!