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Twitter, Obsession and Jennifer Aniston

I heard today that the reason Jennifer Aniston dumped her boyfriend John Mayer was due to his obsession with Twitter as reported in the Daily Telegraph as well as mentioned in Mashable. I also have observed  people’s use of  Facebook as also verging on obsessive. 

So why are social media sites like Twitter and Facebook  so popular?  It is due to their ability to compel people to participate, share, observe like a voyeur…. like an addiction.

This is the reason that Social Media is such a powerful marketing tool because it can be compelling, addictive and can become an obsession. So where is it all heading? Watch this space.

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  • jeffbuolas.com, ohw do you do it?

  • This is the reason I read jeffbullas.com. Awesome posts.


  • Jen is so a reserve type of person which i find it interesting to her. She`s the sexiest of all in hollywood people, she`s gifted with her beauty & body. It was good she`s separated with Bradd, she deserve better! To Jen, keep up the good work & God bless you more!

  • Bonnie David

    There is an element of drama in your headline that makes me want to read on. Jennifer Aniston is a Holywood icon and the word ‘obsession’ creates suspense. I can see how Twitter can be a source of obsession if not used as a leveraging tool to effectively market your brand.