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What Are The Top 6 Categories Of Content Shared on Facebook?

People share information they see as valuable and interesting and the growth and ease of use of social media is providing alternatives for finding and sharing information online replacing mainstream media.What are the top 6 types of content shared on Facebook

The Edelman Trust Barometer has found that over 70% of people trust information shared by friends whereas only 14% of people trust mass media advertising. This is where the real power of social media to spread content and build brand awareness starts to become apparent.

So trust is important for people to want to share your content but what is also important is the type and category of content you are publishing on social  media is what people are looking for on that particular social media channel whether that be blogs, Facebook or Twitter.

Fashion is a highly shareable category on social  media and here are two examples of successful use of fashion content that is published and shared successfully.

1. Supre Facebook page which provides a social media fashion site that allows the large fashion retailer (with over 225,000 fans) to engage and encourage sharing of fashion news and topics

2. Lustable  Fashion Portal blog where top bloggers are engaged to share their intimate knowledge of retail fashion tips and hint.

If you are publishing on Facebook you need to be providing information that the readers there are looking for.

So what are the top 5 categories of information that people are looking for and sharing on Facebook?

According to the Chikita research network (with over 80,000 sites and 2 billion monthly impressions at its disposal for surveying and researching trends and patterns) they are

  1. News
  2. Community
  3. How To/ DIY
  4. Shopping
  5. Celebrity/Entertainment
  6. Technology

Top 6 Facebook Traffic Categories

So if you are looking to having your readers share on Facebook you may want to reconsider what you are publishing to Facebook with topical news being the number one category of content people are looking for on Facebook.

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  • That’s a very interesting research indeed. My only concern is wether or not those categories apply to every kind of Facebook page. Although I believe it’s essential to differentiate the content you share in the various social media channels, I think that not every business has relevant news to share and perhaps they should focus on another niche.
    It’s definitely something I have to think more about, thanks to your post.

  • Thank you for sharing. I found this extremely interesting and helpful.

    Were there other categories named in the research? Do you have a link to the research?

  • This is a great post. It’s very interesting and useful.

  • Jeff,
    Thanks for the inspiration on this post. I sourced some of your information and tailored my post to reflect the chiropractic profession.

  • INteresting topic but the results seem to be extremely limited – based on these categories it makes the job of marketing highly complex!!!! As I understand the chart – topical news is the priority but does this refer to general news or news relevant to your company?? As a business school with a Facebook page shoudl the news be concerning the school or general news in the world today?

  • I never would have thought… thanks for this Jeff!

  • If I am not wrong these days people are more into latest entertainment and politics news apart from that they prefer to share hilarious posts.