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Who Are The 10 Most Social Media Networked Companies on The Planet?

Playing in the school yard when you were five or six quite often involved comparing how many friends you had which was helpful in calculating how much influence you had and how important you were Who are The 10 most social media networked companies on the planetin the schoolyard pecking order.

Forward 20, 30 or 40 years and now in 2010 you can quantify your influence and attention through social media metrics.

Netprospex have taken it a step further and have quantified the top 50 companies that have the most connected employees.

So if you are curious to find who is the most connected company on the planet then here are a few numbers that provide interesting reading.

NetProspex titled their findings the NPSI Score or “NetProspex Social Index” to score social network activity .

The score is based on the average number of

  • Friends or connections across major social networks (friendliness)
  • Average number of tweets,
  • Number of users following
  • Number of followers per employee (twitter score).

The numbers were taken from across 9 major networks

  1. Facebook
  2. Linkedin
  3. Twitter
  4. MySpace
  5. Friendster
  6. Flickr
  7. LiveJournal
  8. hi5
  9. Flixster

Microsoft’s employees emerged with the top score with the NetProspex Social Index (NPSI) score of 306 the next companies were

Rank 2: eBay with a score of  208

Rank 3: Amazon.com with 202

Rank 4: Walt Disney 181

Rank 5: Google with 172

Rank 6: Electronic Arts with 164

Rank 7: Intuit scoring 163

Rank 8: Raytheon with 157

Rank 9: Best Buy on 155

Rank 10: Apple with 153

What was interesting was Coca Cola coming in at number 50.. to see the rest of the rankings visit NetProspex. The other observation from the findings was the high percentage of companies that are either in the eCommerce or technology industry sectors.

Another another key finding was that membership of LinkedIn was by far the largest social network channel at 43%.

Social Network Membership amongst the 50 top companiesNote: NetProspex analyzed social media use within a sample of a database of 12 million business contacts, leveraging Rapleaf’s capabilities as the largest provider of online social data to take a snapshot of social media activity among the nation’s largest corporations.

So is your company on the list?

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  • Love seeing that Linkedin is keeping it’s momentum up. Great site that has really become an asset in networking. The powerful site is also one of my favorite places to collaborate. Great post!

  • It’s fascinating to me that the date on your blog post is April 27, 2010 but the date on the graph is May, 2010. Man, you guys in Australia are GOOD! Talk about fresh data!

    I have not yet harnessed the predictive powers of LinkedIn but would like to propose a lucrative business deal to NetProspex. : )

    • Mike Grennier

      Saw that too! Hope the internet doesn’t change that much in the next 4 days…

  • Interesting stats. It should not come as much of a surprise that facebook and twitter are behind linkedin since many businesses block those sites to stop employees from spending their day online. what they should be doing is as you posted in another blog….setting up a policy for social media and encouraging the right type of prescense online through their staff. have a programme. i guess many companies still have’nt caught on yet. My daughter offers Social Media Management for small businesses and it is amazing just how many enquiries she has had of late.
    Thanks for the great posts, I read your blog as often as I can to get hints and ideas.
    p.s. I really enjoyed the blog about the ducks, had me giggling for ages 🙂

  • Thank you, Jeff!
    I always appreciate the great content you provide! I completely agree with Lyndi. I was very happy to see that LinkedIn is still ranked so highly. I find it to be an invaluable tool when searching and researching people, things and ideas. I would gather, though, that Twitter will slowly but surely climb in the “ranks.”

    Again, thank you for the endless information!

  • Jeff,

    Many thanks for this update. This information is so helpful as I help shape our company’s next steps for using Social Media to engage with B2B clients and prospects. It is a strong endorsement to keep the big money on LinkedIn, but with Twitter’s rapid rise, it should not be ignored.

  • What are your thoughts around linkedin? I mean it is actually the only site referenced in the report that is geared towards professional networking, its been around longer than most of the others if not all of them. I think this skews the results where Twitter and Facebook are very very different platforms and the stats show that.

    What would be interesting is to remove linkedin and then see who really is the most connected in the social space, I think the results could be very different

    Cheers for the article