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Why Would You Lust After an iPad Social Media Magazine?

We live in a world of information overload. Twitter updates streams past at cyber speed with headlines that scream to be read and with links to fascinating blog articles that compel you to click, open, read and view.

Why Would You Lust After an iPad Social media MagazineYour Facebook friends photos, videos and links are constantly updated as everyone shares their latest online and offline lives. It is all noise, albeit tempting and fascinating and you can find yourself led into a time and world that takes you away from where you originally dived into this information torrent.

Currently it is all quite raw and uncurated and is mountains of text in columns of data.

Last week an iPad app called Flipboard launched.

Flipboard is supposedly “the world’s first social magazine”, bringing the “timeless layout of print media to social media.”

It offers a way to “flip” through news, photos and updates from what your friends on Facebook and Twitter are sharing. Rather than scrolling through posts and links, Flipboard organises everything shared into a magazine like format.

  • You can also share the article by ReTweeting or emailing it.
  • Flipboard allows you to comment on the articles and updates
  • It curates  and ranks in a date time order
  • Each story has a ‘like’ button that lets Flipboard learn more about what you enjoy reading
  • It ranks a social story according such as the most number of retweets and who you interact with most (not unlike Facebook)

They are looking at also curating (in the next stage of its development) according to location, so when you are in New York or Los Angeles it will also feed you Twitter and Facebook curated content that is relevant to your location

Experience will be different for everyone as it is ‘your’ Facebook and Twitter streams but curated rather than just turned into more streams like Tweetdeck.

Flipboard  follows the bit.ly links and stores and packages the content for magazine type viewing.

Robert Scoble one of the worlds top tech commentators also known as the ‘Scobleizer‘ on Twitter and he calls it the “App for 2010 that far exceeds your expectations”. Here is his interview with the CEO Mike McCue.

Is Flipboard the tool that we have all been waiting for to turn our millions of notes, blogs, tweets, posts, and updates and make them into something consumable and compelling?

So the evolution of  the web and social media continues.

What are your thoughts on this iPad app? I know I want one.

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  • I just started using Flipboard (very glitcy with the Social Networks still though I’ve officially applied today as the service is now application/case by case basis much like Gmail did when it first started out), but it’s the ability to merge your social networks with running streams of media (based on taste i.e Flipmusic, FlipFilm etc) as well as your Facebook and Twitter seems inviting as it helps you channel through barrage of “noise” on the internet.

    Whether it’s “the” Social Magazine, or someone else will top it remains to be seen, but it’s the best we have out there for now….


  • Also when most other Media based app readers are doing such a poor job (see below) with the design and pricing, Flipboard is…free :)!


  • I agree with this. With our technology nowadays nothing is impossible.

  • summerlinNV

    I’m sorry, I am not willing to continually trade away whatever privacy I may have left.  This is far more intrusive in its depth than other social media apps.  With the location feature, and the fact that it acts as a clearinghouse of collated information from others, its just another step away from self identity.  Pass.