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Will Twitter Reach 1 Billion Users Before Facebook? [Poll]

This social media thing just gets too serious sometimes with terms such as ROI’s, engagement, connection, sharing, caring, Twitter etiquette, Facebook privacy  and all those lofty and philosophical descriptions that reduce social media to a science.Will Twitter Reach 1 Billion Users before Facebook?

We have case studies, research and reports on why we should have social media policies before we tweet or update.

Should we use social media at work or should we take a mobile call in a restaurant?

Should I tweet before I blog or should I blog then tweet?

Recently a post I published outlined the results of a report from Eventbrite showing that a Facebook share was worth 6 times more in dollars than a Twitter Tweet for its business. Comments on my blog indicate that there are a lot of fans who love Twitter and others who are passionate about Facebook.

Many discussions have been engaged after Biz Stone revealed at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco that the next lofty goal for Twitter is 1 billion users

Twitter is adding 1.8 million users a week and with that adoption rate and a current user base of 165 million, the 1 billion number is a long way off and with Facebook already with over 500 million users it looks like Facebook is in the box seat.

This poll has nothing to do with serious research this is a fun poll!! …and the fun police just have to be locked up while we throw away the key.

Ok… social media maniacs and addicts out there, time to cast your vote.

Will Twitter reach 1 billion users before Facebook?

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Facebook or Twitter? It is very simple… let the battle begin.

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Great Post.

    Here are 2 reasons’s I believe Twitter will hit the magic number before facebook.

    1) Privacy Concerns:
    Facebook monetizes user data, without consent, potentially surpassing Google in Ad-Revenue as a by-product of this “user-data-mining”

    2) The Long-Tail:
    Twitter is a different beast. What I found most advantageous is receiving un-biased opinions, up to the minute, on my favorite topics. Being in hi-tech, I find this a competitive-advantage as few, I believe, leverage Twitter’s “search” functionality.

    Personally, for me, Twitter all the way. It’s potential has not been reached yet. Consider the Technology Adoption Lifecycle.

    Facebook = Late Majority Stage
    Twitter = Early Adopter Stage

    Projected Growth Strategies for both “Social Mediums” favor Twitter.


    Twitter: @ajkerr84

  • My personal view: I see a current huge boom in Twitter’s activity, while Facebook is stalling (sometimes even imploding, like in Italy at the moment) almost everywhere. The difference in their numbers is still huge so I don’t feel like betting on Twitter just yet, but the trend shows the final result isn’t an easy guess.

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