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10 Key Guidelines for Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing has gained a lot of traction since YouTube and social media made it easy to produce and share online videos.10 Key Guidelines for Online Video Marketing

The other technology developments that have driven the momentum include the increased speed of internet connections with broadband and also smartphones allowing video viewing anytime, anywhere. 

According to research by Forrester, videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than static text pages alone.

In order to gain visibility on the Internet, online video production is considered to be one of the best options. Making videos and then posting them online to be viewed by the world doesn’t have to be expensive.

Video longevity

Videos in the past lived in the offline and traditional media world and sharing them online was not possible. The longevity of a video on YouTube is now only restricted by how long we keep the world’s electricity and web lights on.

We have created a permanent archive for videos and its public and its called YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu.

The synergy between video and social media has made video sharing easy and potentially viral. You now have a lot of opportunities available to post your videos online (think Facebook, Google+ and Twitter just for starters)

Tips for Online Video Marketing

If you are new to the world of technology and are using video for the first time, here are a few guidelines and strategies to get your creative juices flowing. Implementing some of these will help you make your videos more effective.

#1. Provide education

Videos provide a great way to educate your potential customers about your products and services. Provide the features and benefits in the video. This can create credibility remove objections and drive sales. Online stores can use this to increase their shopping cart conversion rates.

#2. Answer the questions

When a video is related to a particular product or service there are many questions the viewers may want to ask. One can make short 2 to 3 minute video clips, which would answer the top 5-10 questions.

#3. Review a product

Provide an in depth product review. In the video, you can dive deep and take a detailed review of the product. This can then be embedded in a blog, website or you e-commerce site.

#4. Grow a list

If you have a business organization, building a list of prospective clients is key. Provide a premium video for your prospective clients that they can only view by providing you their name, phone number and email address.

#5. Create video case studies

Produce video case studies which showcase the results you have achieved. This will build credibility with prospective clients. You can also make a video on a case study of a customer who did not follow your strategy or methods that didn’t work and provides lessons on what not to do. Another idea is to read testimonials provided by satisfied clients.

#6. Narrate a story

Narrate a story in your video. People will remember a story much more easily rather than some dull facts and figures. Often there is a great story behind how your business started and grew. Create a video that shows that journey.

#7: Demystify the myths

In a video, you can talk about the top 3 myths in your industry. Provide examples and instances that debunk the myths.

#8. Take viewers behind the scenes

Often customers see organisations as faceless corporations. A behind the scenes video can humanize the brand.  People buy from people and revealing the mysteries of how a product is made and the people involved can be intriguing to many viewers and prospective clients. This will help in gaining the attention of more viewers.

#9. Ask questions

You can ask some questions to create conversation and facilitate viewer engagement. Ask the viewers to leave their reply in the comments section.

#10. Supplementary video opportunities

There are many other options to make a video even more effective. Make use of other screen captures, keynotes, slideshows and also Power Point slides.

Don’t try to be just right

As a first timer, your video might not appear to be correct the first time and it’s ok to do some retakes. With each video you make and upload, your confidence level will increase and improve.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll make at least one video in the next 7 days.

You can share your experiences of making your video in the comment box below; we’d love to hear about it!

Guest author: This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC who seems to know a thing or two about online video production.


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  • Alice Lau

    Without a doubt there are many valid points and very useful things to remember. I especially took the on the point of humanizing the brand. Even with tutorials I now see the importance of glimpses of the person within the brand context. So insightful Jeff!

  • Aleks George

    Great tips. I think taking viewers behind the scenes is a good idea – but keep it snappy, nothing is worse than a blooper reel or behind the scenes look that runs too long.

  • Mark Harari

    If you are in fact new to video marketing, I would add the importance of sound quality to this list. Poor sound quality will make all videos “look” amateurish.

    It’s the quickest way to lose credibility as a thought leader. If you do nothing else, invest in quality sound equipment.

  • Videojuicer

    What about Calls To Action! Having a video is great, but if the video is not generating a viewer action whats the point of it? You can create a great video and insert relevant calls, but you can also do a whole lot more with videos than that. How about being able to buy products directly from the video or signing up to a mailing list for the company. All possible using video for marketing.

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  • Wendy Blackwell-Amiano

    We are video marketing and have went through several videographers trying to find the perfect blend of talent that will hold the viewers interest.

    • dmakproductions

      Yes, it can be hard at times to find reliable people in the industry. We have been fortunate to work with very reliable people however.

  • I have just made a video to review a Business. where I have just uploaded on Youtube because I was not aware of other 2 i.e. Vimeo and Hulu. Make sure that next time when we are making any video content we will be uploading on these 2 as well.

  • Thanks. This is very informative post to help a comprehensive online video production solution.

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  • Explainer Video production

    I totally agree with the point that answering all the questions that the viewer may ask related to each fact and figure is the most important aspect of explainer video production

    Explainer Video Production

  • Claire Koerner

    Thank you for all these great video suggestions, Jeff! I actually will take you up on your 7 day challenge. Now to pick your brain for a couple more questions:
    1) How long do you suggest a video to be if sharing on social media? I know people’s attention spans can be short, but wondering if you have any insight.
    2) Do you have any suggestions for how to create cheap videos without any special cameras, etc.?

  • rikimilton

    Great article! All 10 tips is very informative and really beneficial. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great Article Jeff! I use a some of these topics when I work on client videos. I will try to incorporate some of the other topics mentioned as well in the future.

  • Superb guide lines mate for online video marketing and as a professional video maker these guidelines will help me when I will go to make marketing video for my customers and definitely I will follow this guidelines seriously and hopefully this guidelines will help me to create some awesome whiteboardvideo for the customers. Thanks a lot:)

  • This is just great! Thank you so much, Jeff! Shared it on Twitter, hope my followers will love it too 🙂