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11 Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics You Need to Know

11 Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics You Need to Know

Twitter recently announced that it has started to add content to users’ timelines, and it will continue. Facebook uses the Edgerank algorithm, which was developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed and how high the display is placed on the News Feed. YouTube continuously plays pre-roll videos before sports clips that you try and watch.

It seems that organic content continues to diminish as the social media titans try to expand their advertising revenue. The late Jim Henson was famously quoted as saying,

“If you can’t beat them. Join them.”

Should social media marketing adhere to the Kermit creator’s words of wisdom and shift focus to the paid advertising side? If your organic content is not being recognized, the answer might be an astounding yes.

The social media marketing facts

Below are 11 fascinating social media statistics, which will blow the mind of all social gurus. Even if you consider yourself the “Cookie Monster” of paid advertising on social, the astounding statistics provided below do not lie in regards to how businesses are flocking to promote their content on social media.

  • 1 Million: The number of small or medium sized businesses advertising on Facebook
  • 500,000: Total number of Facebook pages promoting posts
  • 2.5 Million: Total number of Facebook promoted posts
  • 59%: Percentage of Facebook’s revenue that comes from mobile
  • 21.7%: Facebook’s share of worldwide mobile internet ad revenue in 2014
  • 45%: Percentage of ads in the 2013 Super Bowl that included Twitter hashtags
  • 81%: Percentage of Twitter’s advertising revenue that came from mobile
  • $200,000: Cost of a 24-Hour Promoted Trend on Twitter
  • $5.6 Billion: Gross revenue that YouTube was expected to generate in 2016
  • $850 Million: Amount of revenue from video advertisements on YouTube served in the United States
  • $100 Million: Estimated about that Samsung spends on Facebook advertising per year, making the creator of the Galaxy phone the largest advertiser on Facebook

Advertising on more established social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now provide yearly data, which demonstrates the relevancy of promoting content via social media. Whether you are one of the major players like Samsung advertising heavily on Facebook or a smaller company, like an apartment community in Charlotte, the results will speak for themselves.

Why is Instagram the fastest growing social network?

Newer platforms like Instagram have allowed selective companies to start advertising on its photo sharing application. According to Tech Crunch, the reason why Instagram is so popular is because of the limited distractions on the application (hence, no advertisements).
The real question is how social marketers will react if the organic reach via social continues to decrease. Creating compelling content is time consuming and the backbone of social. As the saying goes, “With hard work comes great reward.”
If there is no reward for the organic content that is being created, some of the most powerful social networks could start to lose users. Unless marketers accept that in order to be seen, you must pay a pretty penny. If this is the case, the statistics referenced above will just continue to grow.

Author bio: Jason Parks is the owner of The Media Captain, a Social Marketing and SEO Company.

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