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17 Ideas On How To Do Clever Content Marketing

17 Ideas on How to Do Clever Content Marketing

You know, you don’t have to create original content every time you sit down to write.

It’s true. We’re programmed to think that without brilliant, original content our fickle readers will desert us without a second thought. But, that’s not actually right. What our readers are really looking for is relevant content.

Besides, it’s exhausting and time-consuming, not to mention futile, to try and come up with totally new ideas for each and every article. We constantly copy and rework ideas and present them as new – from trends in fashion to the prequels and sequels in movies to remixing  musical classics with a contemporary twist.

Really, why not save some time and tap into the virtually endless supply of content already available? There’s a deep reservoir of existing  material to dip into: from your own blog and the influencers in your niche as well as the collective wisdom of your audience and peers.

Why not be be clever and re-mix and re-purpose content in new ways.

Why re-purposing and re-mixing?

Well, repurposing existing content is just smart for business:

  • It’s efficient. Pre-plan to reuse your content as part of a hub and spoke business model “to repurpose content in different formats for different channels.”
  • It fills the gap of the short attention span. Online readers have well worn habits of scanning and being easily distracted. Chances are, only a small percentage of your audience actually read through, or absorbed the information in your original post. Re-posting makes it easy for them to pick up the thread again.
  • It builds SEO relevancy. When your SEO and content marketing tactics work in tandem, repurposing content means more SEO opportunities to attract traffic. By building SEO value this way, you expand your “content footprint” with a variety of keywords built on a theme.

So, embrace the remix. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing on how to create killer blog posts with remixed and re-purposed content.

17 ideas for clever content marketing

1. Reorganize your longer publications

Anything of your earlier works that has something to do with it, such as ebooks, case studies or white papers. Craft them into shorter pieces for your blog, newsletters or mini posts on social media.

2. Rewrite a popular post.

You can modernize a popular post with new information, stats or infographics or any relevant information to make it appropriate for your readers today.

3. Create transcriptions from other media

This can be done from seminars, interviews and old podcasts and post as a series of new blog articles and mini posts for social media.

4. Take an old blog post and change the media.

Create an infographic or a slide show to retell your post with a different medium.

5. Create a series of podcasts or “how to” videos

This can be based on old content to tap into the audience who prefers an audio or visual format.

6. Make a list post from old content

Find a theme in your posts that gets a good response and take one pertinent point from each post. Rework these points into a list post for a fresh angle.

7. Create a series from topics that are consistently popular

Use Google Analytics to determine your most popular posts, and then do a follow up post or series based on your original material.

8. Use updates

If the information in your field is susceptible to quick change, older posts need to be updated. Take the opportunity to craft a new post incorporating the updates into the framework of the old for a more current POV.

9. Highlight popular posts in the sidebar of your website

Then you can compile a “Best Of” post at year end to showcase the material your readers found most helpful, entertaining or informative.

10. Create an event

Reuse the content of old blog posts by turning it into an online webinar or create a free mini-series compiled from your evergreen material.

11. Use reader comments

Use the posts that have the most reader interaction and engagement and from the comments, complaints and questions, create a follow up piece. This applies equally to tweets and Facebook comments, or any social media responses.

12. Create a “Do’s and Don’ts” posts

Again, use the responsiveness of your audience to the original material and write a post on best practices.

13. Compile related posts on a theme

This can be done in an ebook or free mini-series as a gift or incentive to interest new readers.

14. Piggyback the influencers in your niche

Find out what the experts in your industry have to say about your topic, and create a post around their POV’s. Use it to support the original post or establish your perceptual position as an expert.

15. Use Throwback Thursday to revive an old post

This can be done with articles that had a great response. To generate fresh interest, post a link to #TBT on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a brief explanation about why it was so well received the first time.

16. Use old posts to create mini blogs for social media sites

Take sections of an old post and mold it to create intrigue and curiosity, much like a teaser or trailer in a film.

17. Highlight the unique aspects of an old post

Refurbish it by expanding the out-of-the-ordinary concept into a “The Secret Of…” or “The Key To…” style of post.

What about you?

As you can see, there are many ways to recycle your old subject matter and ideas into fresh content for killer posts. With all the effort you’ve put into the creation of your original content, it makes sense to take advantage of repurposing.

So, save yourself a whole lot of time. And overcome the anxiety of constantly trying to be original by revisiting your old material and giving it some fresh life with a remix.

How do you re-purpose and re-mix?

Guest Author: Cari Bennette is an avid blogger, content creator and freelance writer for https://jetwriters.com/. Cari likes to play with text and produce high-quality and extremely useful pieces of writing. Feel free to reach her on Google+.

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