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 As I tweeted my way through the week, resucitated my “Koi” fish who had jumped out of the pond early one morning (and no I didn’t […]

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Why Use Facebook for your Non Profit? Good question, well here are some facts that might get your attention. Facebook is one of the largest […]

" How Your Non Profit Can Be Heard Above The Noise "

I was watching a documentary on the “Child Witches of Africa”  the other night and it struck me how inhumane man is to man (or in this […]

“ 9 Favourite Social Media Tips for Non Profits and Events that Have Used Social Media for a Good Cause”

Social Media has been in the news a lot, about how it can be used by business to make profits. What is quite often not realised, is that social […]

"7 Terrific Twitter Blogs… How To Use Twitter For Business and Fun "

Twitter continues to confound and confuse, and many people I meet say “What is Twitter about? Well its about community, its about sharing, its about […]