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14 Reasons Why Social Media Happened

I recently was thinking.. which can be a dangerous thing and I found myself asking the question “how did  social media happen?” and how did […]

20 Social Media Ratings You Should Be Monitoring

So you have a great idea for a Television show. You know that the content is going to be exciting, enticing and fascinating and make […]

Twitter Reveals 11 New Facts on its Traffic and Usage

Twitter has kept its traffic and usage statistics close to its chest for quite a while now much to many peoples frustration. The fact that […]

What Is The Speed Of Social Media?

I recently had the pleasure of  travelling on the Eurostar train between London and Paris via the tunnel under the English channel at 300 kilometres […]

12 Key Findings On Social Media’s Impact on Business and Decision Making By CEO’s and Managers

I came across this study on Social Media’s impact on business and decision making by the Society For New Communications Research which was completed by […]