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10 Things You Must Know about the State of Social Media in 2011

Social media has evolved rapidly and we have seen the emergence of social networks that 12 months ago did not exist. Some surprises this year […]

How Google AdWords is Becoming More Social

It’s becoming more and more difficult to lie in Google AdWords advertising, and social media is to blame. Let me start to explain this through […]

5 Fabulous Facebook Marketing Infographics

It is projected that Facebook will have one billion users by 2013. The world has just over two billion internet users globally which means that nearly […]

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid when Creating an Online Video

Video blogging isn’t for everyone. You need to have the right equipment, commitment and passion. The correct equipment means lights, cameras and then its action […]

Social Media Sharing Trends in 2011- Infographic

The global sharing that is social media, churns out some statistics that if you didn’t have a calculator handy, would turn your mind to mush. […]