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21 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips that will Make your Day

It’s hard to argue that social media tools and technology is not an important part of your social media strategy. 21 Social media and technology Tools

Try these social media tools:

  • UseViral can enhance your social media presence by increasing your followers, likes, reach, views, engagement and more.
  • InVideo generates fast videos with an AI talking avatar presenter, no video production needed. Customize using presets or your own style.

It’s one of many ingredients you need to be successful but not the only ingredient. 

Clint Eastwood was, and still is a very successful actor and one of the areas he is well known for is his action movies such as Dirty Harry. 

We would like you to take some action to-day!!! 

So here are 21 actionable tool and technology tips that we hope will make your day…

#1. Get Mobile with Glyder

Glyder is a social media tool for your smartphone specifically designed for small businesses.  When you’re out and about and want to share your social media updates to your social networks use Glyder.  

We know that on social media visual works best.  Sending a nice image helps get noticed.  Glyder provides a series of graphical templates that you can customize, add in your status update and then send to your social networks.  


If you’re on the move more than you are at your desk, then check out Glyder. 

#2. Set up Goals to Monitor Conversion of Social Traffic Through Google Analytics

 Do you know the difference between your conversion rates on traffic you are getting from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.?  

Goals in Google Analytics allow you to track when something is accomplished.  For example, a product is sold or a visitor subscribed via e-mail. 

If you set up goals you can track where the source of the traffic came from that completed the goal and then you can work out conversion rate on these goals.  You might find that traffic converts better from twitter or from Facebook or vice versa.  

In the Google Analytics under the Traffic Sources section select the option for ‘all traffic’  and in the menu across the top of the screen select your goal. 

Google-Analytics-Goals (1)

You can now see the conversion rates across a range of sites.  This could be traffic from Twitter or Facebook or event guest posts on other blogs. 


#3. Build Email Subscribers through Facebook using Heyo

When you post content on Facebook on average 16% of your fans see your content.  So if you are promoting an offer or a deal you need to find other ways of promoting your content.  

You need to consider how you can convert your Facebook fans to email subscribers.  When you do have an offer you can promote it via Facebook and also promote it to the same people via email giving you a much higher chance that they will actually see the offer. 

Heyo provides a suite of templates you can use to create a custom page within Facebook and this includes the ability to create competitions with email subscription options. 

#4. Optimize Your Blog Content for Google using WordPress SEO

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to get the basics right and if you don’t get the basics right you are not helping Google to index your content correctly.  Wordpress-SEO

If you’re a WordPress user install the WordPress SEO plugin and this will give you an idea of how well you have optimized your blog post.   Once you select your focus keyword ideally you want your results to display green!  

After writing an article focusing on ‘Facebook Competition Applications’ I now rank number 5 in the US search results for this term.  Make sure to work out what keywords you are focusing on with your blog post.

#5. Review Your Facebook Page Using LikeAlyzer

 Facebook Insights is an analytics tool provided within Facebook.  While it is very comprehensive it is also very confusing.  LikeAlyzer is a much simpler tool that provides you with a score out of 100 for your page with recommendations on how to improve it.  If you implement the suggestions this will improve the engagement rate on your page and more fans will see your content!

#6. Get a daily reports emailed to you from Google Analytics

Your website is typically your most important Digital Asset so you should be reviewing performance on a daily basis.  The great thing about social media/digital marketing is that we get instant feedback.  We see what has worked the previous day and what hasn’t worked.  Set up Google analytics to get that daily e-mail and this will focus the mind!

#7. Monitor Your Brand Name Using Mention

Mention is fantastic monitoring app that you can set up for free and pay as you see benefit from it.  It will track mentions of you or your brand name across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Websites and more.  It’s like Google Alerts on steroids and well worth setting up.

#8. Post Your Facebook Updates Using PostPlanner 

I’ve started using PostPlanner recently to update our Facebook page and really find it useful.  It’s an app that runs within Facebook and allows you to queue up content using a predefined time you have set up. 

What’s really nice about it is that you can add feeds from blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and easily add content to your queue.

#9. Monitor Email Conversion from each Conversion Form

If you are collecting email subscribers you need to have multiple options on your website for collecting them.  For example, we have a feature signup image across the top of our home page, a side panel signup, an option to subscribe at the end of every blogs post and also in the footer.

With your email marketing tool (such as AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp) you can define unique names for each form and then track conversions to see which is performing the best.

#10. Build email subscribers, leads or sales through Lead Converter

When you get people to your website to read your blog content you ideally want to take them to the next level.  This could be interacting with you online, signing up for your newsletter or buying your product or service.

Lead Converter is a very interesting tool that provides all of these features.  You can create a popup that encourages visitors to sign up, a bar across the top of the screen that drives people to a particular page, an survey that pops up in the corner of the screen and much more.  A really powerful tool and well worth checking out.

#11. Automate your blog post delivery using Dlvr.it 

When you create a blog post you want to share it out with your social network.  It makes sense to automate this.  Dlivr.it will monitor your blog feed and automatically send out the content to your social networks of choice.

#12. Review Your Blog Posts and Link Internally 

There is value from an SEO point of view to link your blog posts to each other.  Each page on your blog is ranked by Google and by referencing another page with relevant keywords you are promoting that other page. 

Take a look at previous posts and see if it makes sense to link to newer posts.  For example,  if you are writing a post on Content Marketing and a previous post was on content marketing tools.  It may make sense to edit the content marketing tools post and link to the newer post on content marketing.  This will help rank the newer post!

#13. Create presentations for your blog content on SlideShare 

When you create your content through your blog you should do everything possible to reach different audiences.  One way is to create a presentation using your blog post and post on SlideShare to reach a new audience.  I’ve been very surprised with the views I’m getting on presentations without investing any time on that platform.  Reach Todd Wheatland’s book on SlideShare if you are unfamiliar with it.

#14. Find Targeted Followers on Twitter using ManageFlitter 

If you want to grow your following on Twitter you can follow many people and some will follow you back.  But that is not particularly useful to you.  What is more useful is targeting the right people to follow and building a network of people that are relevant to your business. 

In Twitter there is a 140 character bio which summarizes who you are.  In Manageflitter you can search through Twitter bio’s for keywords and also have further filters such as the country. Based on the results you can then follow a group of people. 

Finding relevant people to engage with on Twitter is a great way of being successful.

#15. Research Pinterest using Pinalytics 

Pinalytics is Pinterest analytics tool.  If you want to find out what is the more popular content based on your niche or find out the most popular people on Pinterest within that niche, Pinalytics is where you should start.

#16. Optimize Your Facebook Promoted Posts using PropelAd 

As only a small percentage of your fans are likely to receive your updates advertising using Facebook promoted posts is becoming essential if you want to grow your presence on Facebook but what posts do you promote?  If you post something and there is no engagement on the post does it make sense to promote this? 

PropelAd automates the process of promoting posts and makes sure you are only promoting posts that already have engagement so you will get some benefit from the promotion. 

Using PropelAd will only make sense if you are spending regularly on promoting posts.

#17. Analyze Your Blog for SEO using Screaming Frog 

Screaming Frog  is a free tool that allows you to do an analysis of your blog for SEO.  One of the key areas to watch out for on your blog is that you have unique titles and descriptions on every page and also ‘alt tags’ for your images.

After you run the tool start updating your page title, descriptions and alt tags to ensure they are relevant to the content on the page.  This will help with Google ranking.

#18. Create an editorial calendar using DivvyHQ 

An editorial calendar for a blog is essential.  DivvyHQ helps you plan and schedule out your content and helps you become more organized and efficient.  By planning out your content it also helps ensure that you are delivering a good variety of content.


#19. Read it later using Pocket

It’s very important to stay up to speed on the latest changes to Digital Marketing tools and technology.  One tool that is useful for keeping on top of all this is Pocket.  If you find a good article you can ‘pocket’ it, which simply sets it aside so you can read it later on your laptop or phone when it’s more convenient for you.

#20. Manage Twitter on your mobile using TweetBot 

Tweetbot has a really nice user interface for sending and reading tweets on your mobile device.   Swipe a tweet and see all the conversation related to that tweet, email a tweet or save it for later, perform twitter searches and much more.  Try it and you’ll see!

#21. Track your followers /unfollowers on Twitter using Nutshellmail

Everyday I get an e-mail from Nutshellmail showing me my new followers and also who unfollowed me.  It gives you a nice snapshot showing you the images of new people that followed you so that you can make sure to follow people you recognize back.  Also, it’s interesting to see how many people unfollowed you. 

Guest Author: Ian Cleary is a social media tools and social media technology specialist.  He is a recognized social media speaker and his blog was recently named as one of the top blogs in the annual Social Media Examiner blog awards.  To learn more about social media tools and technology, follow Ian’s blog RazorSocial.



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