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4 Steps To Increase Your Leads By More Than 108% on Facebook

4 Steps To Increase Your Leads By More Than 108 percent on Facebook

Marketers are constantly frustrated with the return on investment from Facebook.

General Motors was one of the first large brands to vent their annoyance when they cut their Facebook advertising spend back in 2012. If you work for a large company, increasing your brand presence can justify the time, money and effort spent on Facebook.

Unfortunately, smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of spending money to simply increase their exposure and move brand perception.

Smaller businesses need clear-cut results to justify a return on investment from each advertising dollar coming out of their bank account and going towards Facebook.

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How exactly can you increase revenue from this social network?

I’m going to list a 4-step process on how you can increase your leads by more than 108% on Facebook.

Don’t leave your car parked in the garage like GM if you have not had a successful advertising campaign on Facebook. Rev up your engine and get ready to double the amount of leads you generate from the largest social networking website.

1. Create a stunning landing page

When I analyze a Facebook advertising campaign, it is shocking how many businesses will have a stellar advertisement but a crappy landing page where they send the user.

According to HubSpot:

“55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website!”

Imagine having only 15-seconds to impress your dream girl on a first date. Are you going to tell them about the sacked lunch you brought to the office on Thursday or the skydiving endeavour from last year?

Think of the landing page experience as the short timespan that you will have to impress a date. You need to tell a captivating story and instantly grab their attention.

Each advertising campaign should have a customized landing page that follows this criterion:

  • Messaging perfectly aligns with your advertisement
  • Clear call-to-action right when the user lands on the page
  • Contact form located above the fold on the lander
  • Responsive lander across all devices with a site load speed time of 2 seconds or less

By implementing a killer landing page, Sbarro Pizza has been able to drastically increase the amount of people filling out a contact form who are interested in owning a Sbarro franchise. It is amazing the difference a landing page can make when it aligns with the advertisement.

4 Steps to increase your leads by more than 108% on Facebook  1

2. Create a quiz or downloadable PDF

There is no better way to capture someone’s contact information through Facebook than by leaving them curious for an answer.

Have you ever received a text message from a random number and couldn’t wait to find out that the person was on the other end? This is the equivalent of creating a quiz or a downloadable .PDF. You will have the user salivating to enter their contact information because they are eager to learn more!

Below is an example of a Facebook advertisement that I ran for our agency. By creating a quiz that would provide Facebook users with useful information (their SEO quiz score) I was able to generate leads at the lowest cost per acquisition from any medium.

Granted, there was development work that had to go into this campaign to automatically generate quiz results and an email automation process. Still, the campaign sent the user to a customized landing page and followed the criteria listed out from step one of this article.

Put on your creativity hats and come up with a quiz or answer related to your industry where you will be able to capture email addresses at a rapid pace.

4 Steps to increase your leads by more than 108% on Facebook 2

3. Pinpoint targeting

Over the years, if you have been targeting towards your exact demographic to “Like” your Facebook page, this can be extremely beneficial. If you run an advertising campaign through Facebook, you will have the option to target people who like your company and friends of people who are connected to your company. This can generate an extremely high relevance score and a low cost per acquisition. If someone already “Likes” your page, you will have a stronger likelihood of capturing his or her contact information.

Below are additional advertising campaigns you should run on Facebook that will

result in more leads and a low CPA:

  • Facebook Retargeting – Serve your advertisements through Facebook’s advertising portal to people who have already visited your website
  • Lookalike Audience – Upload a list of all of your customer email addresses to Facebook’s advertising portal so you can target an eerily similar list to that of your existing customers
  • Conversion Optimizer – Optimize your budget and ad delivery to get more conversions

Ben Harper posted a great article for Moz on “How to knock 70% off your Facebook

CPA. With advanced targeting and optimization techniques, you will be amazed how

Much more accurate your Facebook ad campaigns can become.

4. Compelling content

WARNING: If you are an online advertiser, these shocking stats might keep

you up at night.

  • You are more likely to complete NAVY SEAL training than click a banner.
  • You are more likely to get a full house while playing poker than click on a banner ad

Marketers forget that the majority of people WILL NOT click on your advertisements, let alone convert. This is the exact reason why you need to create unforgettable content that will capture the attention of the Facebook user when they scroll through their busy newsfeed.

Make sure to create at least three different combinations of ad copy with three different sets of photographs to see which one is your top performer. OptimizeSmart.com states that strong advertising copy can lead to an increased click-through rate and a lower cost per acquisition.

Your messaging on the Facebook advertisements should constantly be tweaked, so it does not get stale and your goal should always be trying to improve on your top performers.

4 Steps to increase your leads by more than 108% on Facebook  3

Wrapping it up

Capturing someone’s contact information is one of the main goals when creating a Facebook advertising campaign. It is crucial though to have a follow-up process in place before you launch your campaign.

If you want the email addresses or phone number captured to turn into a paying customer, it will require a creative follow-up method from your sales team. You cannot hope that by simply capturing an email address and putting it into your e-marketing database, that this will turn into a customer.

If your Facebook targeting is on-point and you have a killer-landing page along with a clever quiz, your business will be able to increase the amount of leads from Facebook by 108%. Don’t forget to test your advertising copy and imagery to pick the most compelling messaging, as this is a key component that is often overlooked.

The lingering question that still exists is how to increase your success rate on first dates by 108%. Stay tuned.

Guest Author: Jason Parks is the owner of The Media Captain, an SEO, web design and digital video company based in Columbus. 

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