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5 Growth Hacks to Help You Grow Your Blog Business

5 Growth Hacks to Help You Grow Your Blog Business

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One of the most misleading perspectives of a dinosaur’s history is the one that effectively proves that this creature was unintelligible and inhumane and therefore faced a grave threat to its existence and continuance, ever since the pre-Jurassic period. This distinction demolishes the creature’s uniqueness and cognitive abilities and overlooks, in its entirety, all rescinding factors that suggest evidence to the contrary.”

Confusing, isn’t it? It is nearly impossible to understand the above paragraph without reading it at least twice. Some might still not understand it. And this is one of the biggest reasons why many blogging businesses fail to take-off.

Blogging is an art. However, you do not need to be like Picasso to create a compelling blog post, nor do you need to be an art-fan to appreciate it. Some of the most SEO-revolutionizing blog posts are written in simple and easy-to-read language with little-to-no technicalities.

If you’re a small business wondering how to grow your blog business to boost your SEO rankings and get more clients, here are 5 growth hacks to help you grow your business blog:

1. Sharing case studies

What is the best way to improve your blog quality? Robbie Richards considers the mix of right keywords and case studies as the “ultimate guide to limitless organic traffic and potential business leads.”

Nowadays, most readers and first time buyers are looking for product reviews before making their final buying decision. They have particular keywords in mind, when using a Google Search. If you want to make your blog posts relevant, reliable and action-oriented, then case studies are what you need.

This means juicing up your blogs with the right keywords. UAV Coach, a small business that offers educational resources for aspiring aerial videographers, used this tactic. To build up its reputation, the organization searched for high-density keywords and created relevant blogs.

Google search for drone - growth hacks for bloggers

2. Don’t take competitors lightly

Competitor resources are powerful. Think of them as an alternative route to a congested road. As a blogger, you need to keep a check on your competitors business if you want to stay ahead of the game and leave clients begging for more.

Brian Dean reiterates that, “Testimonials and Competitor Keyword Analysis are two of the most important resources you need to make your blog business grow.” In 2014, Shane and Jocelyn Sam made a little over $140,000. They were not selling any products!

They were two online marketers who spent an adequate amount of time reading testimonials of competitors and understanding the specific keywords such competitors used. This allowed them to create compelling blog posts that helped skyrocket their earnings.

Competitor research - growth hacks for bloggers

3. Connect with your audience

Imagine you’re planning to launch a new range of high-calorie chocolate pastries and your blog posts are published in an online fitness journal. Similarly, think about a new range of baby care products being marketed to singles. Neither strategies work.

Your blogs are only good if your readers can relate to them. Unless you’ve identified your target audience, you’ll end up running around in circles and praying for a miracle! Blog Guru Jon Morrow remarks, “Being a popular blogger isn’t about being a teacher, it’s about being a performer.”

As a stalwart inspirational blogger, Jon Morrow first identifies his audience and evaluates their needs. He then relies on anecdotes to create blog posts that compel his audience to take the desired action.

Here’s an example of his work as mentioned in beabetterblogger.com:

Jon Morrow example - growth hacks for bloggers

4. Hosting irresistible contests across Facebook

Let’s admit it. There’s a lot more to Facebook than memes, cat videos, keyboard warriors, and selfies! The popular social network makes Zuckerberg a rich man through promotions, contests, and advertising – something that guarantees a slice of the pie for your blogging business too.

“You can easily generate leads without spinning out 2000 word articles every week. The simplest approach is to rely on Facebook for the job. Hosting an irresistible contest on Facebook gets you more viewers and readers than any other source,” remarks Jon Loomer.

Dinesh D’Souza is a public figure and author. Sometime back, he decided to launch a Facebook contest. The winner of the contest was to get a free eBook, written by the author. The very idea of a giveaway was one of the most powerful reasons why his Facebook page had more than 4,500 views and over 2,200 registered with his mailing list.

The conversion rate swelled to 50%. The contest also grew his fan base and following exponentially. Here’s a small snippet of what happened:

Facebook contest - growth hacks for bloggers

5. Never underestimate emails

Some marketing moguls opine that emails are a waste of time. In today’s world, people barely have time to read an email and most of them are likely to skim through the content. However, one simply cannot deny the power of a short and sweet message.

Short emails can help improve your response rates. We’re not saying that long and overly personalized messages are good or that short and cold emails do the trick. The key is to strike a balance. Here’s an example of a short and powerful email, attached to a blog post, which i sent to a blogger:

Bill email - growth hacks for bloggers

And here’s the response i received:

Email response - growth hacks for bloggers

In a nutshell…

Blogging is an integral part of digital marketing. The industry is relatively new and is booming. Several new entrants are making their way to the top. The creativity pool and talent is global and potentially limitless.

In such a scenario, you cannot leave anything up to chance. Enough has been said on how to write an effective blog. But no attention is paid on how to get your message across? How to connect with your audience? How to add that perfect finishing touch to your blogs?

Case studies, competitor analysis, social media, email, and avid readers are some of the many factors that separate a good blog from a boring one. Think of these as the five stepping stones towards effective blog marketing.

If you have some other Holy Grails to Effective Blogging in mind or want to share your success story, feel free to leave your comment below!

Guest Author: Bill Achola is a digital marketing consultant and a professional blogger specializing in content writing and marketing at Billacholla.com. He works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing the right content that generates social shares, comments, and traffic back to their business blogs.

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