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6 Ways To Destroy Your Email List

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One of the biggest issues email marketers have is making the email subscriber feel connected. So I will show how six little things could eventually hurt the efforts of everyone with an email list.

Writing from an email reader’s view, you are sure to get a laugh from this article.

If you’re looking to destroy your email list within 30 days, then this article is just for you. If you want to prevent that from happening, then this article is for you too!

So let’s learn the 6 Ways To Destroy Your Email List, written from an email subscribers point of view.

1. You’re emailing me at night

Your email just went out and 10,000 people got your email and it’s 11.00 pm at night. You’re thinking “Success!”, but they’re thinking “How Rude”.  If you want people to click the UNSUBSCRIBE button like it’s Family Feud then do this often.

You’ve got to understand, scheduled posts and auto responders don’t exist in the subscribers mind. They want something live straight from you and we all know that you didn’t just finish writing that email at 11.00 pm at night on a Saturday. You may not see it, but potential customers are going bye-bye because you woke them up late at night with an email titled “20 Reasons Why You Need More Sleep”. Not good. This breaks the feeling that you care.

So please, email during the daylight. Your list will be happier.

 2. You’re more generic than Walmart

Walmart is great when you need something because they have a touch of everything. They’re known for being generic, it’s why it’s so huge. But if I need a specific smartphone, I’m not going to Walmart. Instead I go to a store that specializes in that field. It’s human instinct. I don’t care how big Walmart gets, I’m not calling them to service my house for pest control, or to deliver my baby. I’m going to people who specialize in that field.

I know Mashable is known for writing about a lot of things, but even they specialize in the technology field. You must have a target, and you must know your audience. When you shoot your emails out, you should hit the bullseye every time. This means you’re helping that reader somehow every time you send them an email. So the generic emails like: “I have the purpose to life blah blah blah” or “ “How to achieve anything you want in life” isn’t going to be opened as much. It’s okay to be inspirational, but being generic makes the reader feel disconnected.

Always stick to the topic.

 3. You email just to email

People say that you must email your subscribers every week no matter what. It doesn’t matter that you have nothing of value to give them or you have nothing to excite them with and  you have no solution to their problem.

If you have nothing to give, don’t email. I’d rather skip a week instead of looking stupid every week.

You want that feeling of excitement to bubble when they see your email. I receive emails like that and it’s amazing to think you can have that kind of effect on people.

So make the email count every time.

 4. You write like I’m the size of a barn

If you’re saying stuff like, “Hope ya’ll are doing good” or “You guys! Guess what??” You’re basically making that person feel so unconnected. Possibly even like their fat.

What if a guy walked up to you and said, “Hey Guys!” You’d look behind you to see who he was talking to.  You’re thinking he’s either crazy or high. Then you realize he’s talking to you. People won’t see you as crazy when you email like this, but they won’t connect with you as much either. You must treat your email writing like you’re writing to an individual.

You want that person to have a personal connection with you. They want to feel close and to be able to share their problems. So when you’re emailing solutions to their problems and  talking about things you have in common, you’re establishing a relationship, they will feel like a close friend. Which is what you want. You want to keep everything natural.

I don’t know why this is so hard for some, but it is.

5. It’s just another RSS feed

RSS feeds are great and some like to get it in their email. But the email open rates are very low with RSS emails. After a while people drift off to find something else to read. People won’t stay committed to an RSS feed like they will with a real person. Making that email format more like a conversation instead of a blog post will increase your open rates tremendously. Understand to that GMAIL is now sending all RSS feeds to promotional tabs. Which means you may receive them for a while but soon they will disappear in the promotional tab.

Hopefully you still love me:)

I talk more about how to increase open rates here in a article I wrote, The #1 Reason Why Your Email Open Rates Are Diving.

6. You’re all about money

If that reader even smells that you’re only about padding your wallet, you can say adios to that reader. Your email strategy shouldn’t include punching them 3 times with a pitch about your eBook. It should be about delivering value that melts their problems like butter.

Once they realize you have the power to do that they will be emailing you for a job, contract, or even a book deal. If you had 100,000 people who knew that you had the answer to their problem within one eBook, money would never be an issue. Do you know why spammers slap people with their products all the time? They’re not making money. All it takes is one good launch to get the ball rolling. Selling isn’t hard, it’s simply showing people that you have the answers. Once they realize this Paypal will be your best friend.

So there ya go! 6 ways to destroy your email list. I hope this made your day and possibly made you laugh. More emails like this are sent more than not, but that’s hope for you. Why?

You will stand out brighter and you’ll be seen as the authority in your niche. So use these tips to take you to the next level.

Guest Author: Luke Guy blogs at Lukeguy.com. He researches email marketing and how to grow businesses doing it. He loves finding new ways to grow your list and making it fun at the same time. He talks about other things but usually it involves emailing. 

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