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9 Amazing Instagram Apps To Generate Buzz For Your Business

9 Amazing Instagram Apps To Generate Buzz For Your Business

So you want to create awesome images, the kind of images that you see on your favorite Instagram accounts.

You know, the ones that leave you in awe and get hundreds and thousands of likes.

How do they capture those colors? How do they create that beautiful typography? What software do they use? And how long does it take to create such an image? What’s the process?

If this is what you’re thinking when scrolling through your Instagram feed, then keep reading to learn how awesome images are born on Instagram and how you too can create gorgeous quote images with a few basic Instagram apps.

Here is a series of steps and Instagram apps that will prettify your photos in terms of lighting, color, symmetry and perspective. And a few more to help you create unique quotes with cool design and typography.

All of these should help you get more followers on Instagram.

Taking your picture


You can either use your phone’s native camera app or VSCO. This is a powerful all-in-one app that lets you take the shot and make all kinds of DSLR-like adjustments, from lighting, color, straightening, to filters and manual focus.

advanced camera controls for instagram apps

professional-grade tools and presets for instagram apps

You can use its basic functions to simply set your focus point and shoot, or use more advanced manual settings to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, white balance and manual focus, which gives you more creative control.

Editing your picture

2. Snapseed

You can either edit the shot with VSCO or use Snapseed (Android & iPhone). The latter is a far better editing tool that covers most of your editing needs, including colors, contrast, highlights grain and mid tones.

The advanced features include Histogram, selecting editing points (you can get really creative with these settings), HDR and more.

You can also use Snapseed to remove unwanted objects that may appear in the photo – birds, marks, branches, etc. anything that you don’t want in the frame.

improved and new tools for instagram apps

adjustable realistic lens blur for instagram apps

3. Afterlight

Another cool app for adding textures, frames & filters is Afterlight. You can get some incredible effects by adding unique frames, filters, textures and light leaks, cropping presets and more. Afterlight also has editing features, so it comes down to your own preference for which Instagram app you use for editing.

afterlight 128 frames for instagram apps

afterlight 75 unique filters for instagram apps


Another powerful editing app is SKRWT. It’s especially useful for perspective corrections and adjusting distorted lines due to the wide angles lens.

skrwt high precision crop tool for instagram apps

skrwt perspective correction for instagram apps

Creating designs from scratch

This is where mixing different apps to achieve a cool design gets interesting. Regardless the niche you’re in, adding a few quote images to your Instagram feed always seem to work like magic. People love quotes, they’re shareable and they’re very easy to create.

quote images for instagram apps

quote images 2 for instagram apps

Here are some simple apps to help you create great looking quote images without need using to use complicated design software. You can use these tools even if you have no experience with graphic design. And you can put on your own watermark, as well.

5. Typorama

Typorama is the first one. It’s for the iPhone but I’ll show you a similar app that works for Android, as well. First, you select a background from their huge gallery. Load the image into the app and double tap to add your text.

Ideally you should prepare your content in a notepad file or Evernote, so it’s easy to pull out. You can choose what fonts you want and you can keep tapping on the text until you find the variation you like best.

Once you’re done, save the image to the gallery on your phone. You don’t want to share the image just yet, there are a few more tweaks you can do.

typorama for instagram apps

typorama different text styles for instagram apps

typorama add own creative touch for instagram apps

6. Wordswag

The next app will let you add the name of the author who’s quote you just used. You can do that with Typorama as well, but Wordswag gives you an extra kick. This app lets you take any type of text (e.g. tip, quote, question, etc.) and put it over one of their cool templates to create a great looking quote image.

wordswag for instagram apps

You also have the option to use images from your own gallery and just use their typography. Whatever suits you best.

So for example, you can take the image you just created in Typorama and open it in Wordswag to credit the author using a different font. Click “Done” and next you can use Wordswag to add a logo or watermark to your images. Put your branding in the quote and you’re done.

7. Phonto

For Android users there’s Phonto (instead of Typorama). Simply take your text and paste it in the app (choose from loads of fonts). Then, go back to Wordswag and add your logo or watermark.

phonto for instagram apps

phonto create color pattern for instagram apps

phonto infinite styles for instagram apps

Managing your workflow

8. Later

The last step is finding an app that allows you to streamline the whole process. There’s an app you can use to schedule your posts, called Later (formerly known as Latergramme).

The reason you need this is because Instagram only allows you to post from your phone. Later lets you schedule everything in advance, and you can install the app on your device. Make sure to choose the correct time zone when you sign up.

Once you select the images you want to share, add the tags, the caption and you’re done. You will get a popup on your phone from the app and just press “Post”.

later scheduled posts for instagram apps

You can start with a free account but if you want to take full advantage of the app, you should upgrade to their paid plans (starting from $19).

9. Crowdfire

Another very powerful tool for managing your audience is Crowdfire. It lets you unfollow non-followers, add your competitors’ followers and more.

crowdfire audience management for instagram apps

Image Source: I Am Wire

Summing up

Hopefully you can see the huge help you can get from using these Instagram apps and creating a system for your Instagram marketing activities. The more you experiment with each of them, the easier it will be to get things done faster and eventually delegate the content creation process to someone in your team.

Once your steps are set in place, you can outsource the implementation procedure so you can focus on growth strategies for your business.

Guest Author: Sarah Williams is a Berlin based entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger. On Wingman Magazine, her website targeting modern men, she helps them to evolve to their higher potential, boost careers and flourish their social interactions.

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