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8 Creative Ways To Add Christmas Spirit To Your Social Media

Holiday shopping is no longer a marathon – it’s something that happens in moments. Instead of visiting different shopping malls and looking for the best […]

140 Characters Aren’t Enough: 5 Types of Visuals You Can and Should Tweet

140 Characters Aren’t Enough: 5 Types of Visuals You Should Tweet

Visual content is a great way to stand out in the never-ending stream of 140-character messages that appear on Twitter – by an overall rate […]

6 Ways To Use Social Media To Make More Business This Easter

6 Ways To Use Social Media To Make More Business This Easter

According to the National Retail Federation, more than $16.4 billion will be spent in the USA, before and during the Easter weekend – on apparel, […]

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Win The Hearts Of Your Fans

Couples in love are not the only ones looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Florists, restaurants, jewelers, e-shops and many other businesses are counting on this […]

A Step By Step Guide To More Clickable Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the most common forms of advertising used in the online world. As an affordable, effective and measurable medium they enable […]

Never Designed an Instagram Ad? Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Stand Out

With more than 400 million users (surpassing 304 million monthly active users on Twitter) that are sharing over 80 million photos and 3.5 billion likes […]

11 Photo Post Ideas That Your Business Should Use Today

Having your post go viral on social media – getting hundreds of Likes, Shares or Retweets as a response to your efforts – is the […]

7 Simple A/B Tests for More Effective Facebook Ad Design

Facebook advertising can be a tricky venture. Not only do you have to precisely determine and target your audience, but you also have to guess […]

How to Make An Audience Notice, Remember and Love Your Brand on Facebook

In a world where smartphones and photo filters have greatly improved our ability to take and edit photos, it’s become important to have credible, high […]

5 Facebook Holiday Contest Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Making money online can be driven by many moving parts. Social media marketing, attracting traffic from search engines and the skill of converting those visitors […]