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Why Social Media Is Optimizing The Personal and Corporate Brand

We now live in a knowledge economy where the skills,experience and expertise of the executives and staff within organisations are what continues to make corporate brands successful. I remember starting work in the technology industry and as a sales trainee I looked up to my managers with all their experience, connections and influence with glowing … Read more

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 55% with One Button

As I write this I am surrounded by men in tights and I am not in Sherwood forest hanging out with Robin’s merry men but in a cafe with cyclists in lycra having their caffeine fix after they have had their rush of endorphins from their morning’s cycling. I started this blog last year with very little expectation … Read more

Two Keys To Be Influential On Twitter

The ability to influence is something that is valued by many. Sales people succeed or fail by their power to influence and marketers commit companies and brands to multi million dollar budget marketing campaigns hoping to influence buyers to turn up to store or a show and buy products and services. Robert Cialdini previously the … Read more