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50 Attributes of a Great Copywriter

great copywriter

Suppose you’re in the market to hire a great copywriter. Suppose you’re in the market to become a great copywriter.  What are the attributes of success? After spending many decades writing, editing and hiring/managing writers, here are 50 attributes of a great copywriter that stand out to me. What can you add to the list? … Read more

50 Epic Jargon Solutions for Better Writing

Lists of business jargon are a dime a dozen. To make this one worth your time, I’m going to: Create a comprehensive list of words and phrases encountered in everyday business writing Suggest better alternatives so you can add meaning and persuasive power to your blog posts This means that you will be understood, create … Read more

50 More Business Jargon Fixes for Bloggers and Content Writers

Have you ever turned up to a corporate event, read  a PR release or a blog post and the cliched communication made you wince? Creating clear conversational writing and content sometimes means that old habits need to be unlearned! So here’s another batch of business jargon, along with suggestions for how to replace these overused, … Read more

50 Final Business Jargon Fixes for Bloggers and Content Writers

Want to sound intelligent? Then here is a tip from Albert Einstein. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” To help you on your writing journey here is my third and final installment on keeping it simple.  Here are 50 useless, senseless and pretentious business words and phrases, along with recommended … Read more

50 One-Sentence SEO Tips for Bloggers

All serious bloggers are interested in building a large community of enthusiastic readers, and this is why SEO is so critical to your success. Without good search visibility, people who are interested in your content, but don’t know you, may never find you. SEO best practices are primarily driven by Google, and change frequently. This … Read more

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