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8 Extraordinary Social Media Facts About LeBron James

madison square garden NBA knicks match

As the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, it marks LeBron James’ fifth consecutive NBA championship appearance. The last player to appear in five consecutive NBA Finals was Bill Russell in 1966. What is almost as impressive as LeBron’s on-the-court achievements, is what he has accomplished off the court from … Read more

23 Extraordinary Facebook Advertising Facts

Regardless of how hard you try, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can be nearly impossible to forget about. You have forged memories with this person (both good and bad) over a certain timespan that are hard to let go. On some days, Facebook facts can feel like you ex, even to the most social media-savvy marketer. … Read more

4 Steps To Increase Your Leads By More Than 108% on Facebook

Marketers are constantly frustrated with the return on investment from Facebook. General Motors was one of the first large brands to vent their annoyance when they cut their Facebook advertising spend back in 2012. If you work for a large company, increasing your brand presence can justify the time, money and effort spent on Facebook. Unfortunately, … Read more