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6 Crucial Steps to Stay Relevant with Your Digital Marketing in 2015

“Relevance is a search engine’s holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.” This quote is from Marc Ostrofsky, an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and New York Times Best Selling Author. When it comes to online marketing, whether it be SEO, social media or paid advertising, being relevant is absolutely essential. … Read more

11 Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics You Need to Know

Twitter recently announced that it has started to add content to users’ timelines, and it will continue. Facebook uses the Edgerank algorithm, which was developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed and how high the display is placed on the News Feed. YouTube continuously plays pre-roll videos before sports clips that you try and … Read more

This One Simple Tactic Can Double Your Facebook Engagement

Social media junkies have taken notice that organic Facebook interaction has decreased dramatically. As mentioned in a recent blog post, research is showing that only 4% or less of people are seeing your page updates in their newsfeeds when you post on Facebook. If you want to generate more organic interaction without having to reach … Read more

The Top 5 Brands on Instagram to Follow

Compelling photos provide a great opportunity for brands to promote their products in a unique fashion. Instagram is a platform of social media marketing where brands can connect with their audience and make the audience feel differently about their company in a visual sense. If a company can successfully market on Instagram, its followers will … Read more