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The 10 New Rules of PR

A survey of 1,900 business technology marketers by MarketingSherpa rated the optimized press release the most effective emerging market channel. Tad Clarke, Editorial Director of MarketingSherpa, has called the service SEO-PR has pioneered “the tactic known as SEO PR.” Optimizing press releases for news search engines. As I am in the middle of revamping my … Read more

Can Your Customers Find You? .. 5 Tips To Help Your SEO

According to a recent study, “more than 60% of websites lack the proper web programming to be ranked properly by Internet search engines.” The conversations I have with my prospective clients as The National Sales and Marketing Manager of the Web Design, Development and Consulting Company Infinity Technologies would seem to strongly suggest (anecodotally) that this would be quite accurate. So how … Read more

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7 Reasons Why Companies Should Blog

I have this discussion with clients all the time.. ” Why should we have a blog? “. It’s a good question and most customers eyes glaze over. I don’t have the time.. We don’t want to give away our company secrets..Our policy is not to use or allow Social Media… I don’t have anything to write about. … Read more

7 Top SEO Blog Posts For the Week.. How Important is Content For SEO ?

Working at a Web Design company at Infinity Technologies, I come across a lot of interesting scenarios where SEO is not taken seriously,  or dismissed as not being necessary. So how are your products and company going to be found. Did you do any of the following  when researching making a purchase over $1000? Use the yellow pages Get on … Read more

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" 14 Twitter Facts and Figures.. Both Surprising and Expected "

Some interesting Twitter facts and figures have come out of  reports and research over the past few weeks and it reveals some expected results and also some surprises. Expected USA Twitter share is ranked number one with 62% Most of the largest cities that use Twitter are in the USA English speaking countries dominate The UK is ranked second … Read more