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Copywriting Hacks: How to Write Irresistible Headlines, Subheads And Body Copy

Copywriting Hacks - How to Write Irresistible Headlines, Subheads And Body Copy

The great Joe Sugarman made an important observation in his book Advertising Secrets of the Written Word, a groundbreaking resource on how to write powerful advertising copy. And it went like this: “Copywriting is a mental process… the successful execution of which reflects the sum total of all your experiences, your specific knowledge and your ability to mentally process … Read more

20+ Badass Blogging Tools to Avoid Writing Embarrassment


Bloggers write a lot. The problem is, Oscar-worthy content doesn’t always equal Oscar-worthy literacy. As my favorite writing joke says, “I do my best proofreading after I hit send”. Yeah, we’ve all been there. No matter how experienced at content writing you are, you still trigger the same backlash once in a while. The main … Read more