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10 Things You May Not Know About YouTube

In my last post I mentioned that the social media ‘verse is full of some best kept secrets. YouTube is one of them. This Time cover from a couple of years ago (with the shiny mirrored screen) was prescient, but not quite enough… I’d cross that ‘You’ out and say ‘Us’. Hasn’t it felt that … Read more

10 Social Media Secrets from the Social Scientist

There are some secrets regarding social media that I’d like to share. I’m a bit of a hard-core social media user and I’ve been doing web and content development for many years now. Because I have been online for a very long time (pre-graphical Web), I am pretty attuned to what constitutes authentic and cooperative … Read more

The Power of Information

Since the birth of my daughter 8 years ago, I have struggled with a lower back condition. Basically I am too flexible, and there are a couple of joints in my lower back that are very sad because they aren’t properly supported anymore.  Softer ligaments from pregnancy, and that emergency c-section meant I lost the core muscles … Read more

5 Insights On The Future Of Social Media

It is a very sad fact about our world that it is most often through conflict and disaster that we discover the most about ourselves and our connections to others.   I have felt this palpably in recent months and years as I’ve watched the ebb and flow of so many conversations, about things both mundane and … Read more