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How does Google’s Hummingbird Update Impact Social Media Marketers?

Google recently launched a new algorithm, code-named Hummingbird, that was designed to answer more complex queries and present more in-depth knowledge to users.   Launched over a month ago, Google’s Hummingbird is its largest algorithm overhaul in 10 years. At a press conference announcing the change, Google explained that the new algorithm is smarter, able to … Read more

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6 Ways to Inspired Content Marketing

Content marketing is part art with a touch of science. Creating great content requires a word smith or a creative video producer. The better this foundation is, the more attractive the content is to the viewer and increasing its chances for sharing on the web. That’s the art part. So we all know that high … Read more

A Glimpse Into Google’s Search Engine of the Future

Google is constantly tweaking and evolving its search engine to continue to be relevant on a fast moving and evolving web. The search giant has realized that the user experience is vital and speed of the results and delivering up content that users want includes personalized, recent and unique content. Recently Google announced a new step towards … Read more

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