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9 Amazing Visual Social Media Tools to Boost Your Authority

9 Amazing Visual Social Media Tools to Boost Your Authority

Are visuals a part of your social media marketing strategy? Would you like some tools to help boost your visual social media marketing? The fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. The one thing these networks have in common is that you can only post visuals like photos and videos on them. On … Read more

How to Build a Credible Blog that People Trust

Blogs are a great way to build online trust and credibility. But this doesn’t mean that just setting up a blog will automatically add credibility. Certain factors contribute to building a credible and trustworthy blog. What are they? Is it just creating quality content and a good design, or do other factors play any role, … Read more

4 Ways to Succeed With Your Pinterest Brand Page

Pinterest has been on our social media consciousness radar for about 18 months when it started to gain traction. According to a recent study, Pinterest is now used by 15% of USA web users. To put this in perspective, Twitter usage is only 1% higher at 16 percent. Pinterest recently launched pages for business, which include the … Read more

Pinterest – The Best Social Media For Newcomers?

In the past few months many people have been arguing whether Pinterest is for men or for women and who’s using it at the moment. But a recent Infographic from Mashable indicates that Pinterest is helping a lot of companies generate a lot of traffic. This means, whoever you are, you need to use Pinterest … Read more

How to Take Advantage of The Latest Facebook Updates

Facebook is changing and evolving all the time. Outdated features are being removed and new and more exciting features are added regularly. These updates are added to make Facebook better and more convenient for its users. If you want to succeed with using Facebook, you need to evolve along with it and learn how to … Read more