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10 Ways To Use Twitter For Business

Twitter has been around for a couple of years now and is now receiving over 50 Million unique visitors a month. It’s use as a tool for business has never been seen before in the history of the web. Twitters credibility has increased in recent months as it has struck deals with Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) … Read more

Social Media Survey Reveals 92% Of Companies Using Social Media

I was going to review this social media survey in less than 500 words (the  original report is 43 pages) but I found the revelations compelling so it ended up being over 1,000 words. It shows that companies are taking different approaches both bold and conservative. It also unveiled the fact that most companies are not ignoring social … Read more

How To Blog With Passion and Purpose

This blogging business, what is it all about?  We have even invented “Micro Blogging” ..the 140 character fast food version of  blogging (also known as  Twitter)..which also beggars the question what is Macro Blogging? .. Now there is a business opportunity for a high tech startup! I have even heard the phrase “I am ..therefore I Blog ” hence “Blogging is … Read more

10 Essential Elements Of A Business Blog – Video

Social Media Marketing has emerged in the last 12 months as an essential part of your Marketing Tool Kit and a good business blog is a key cornerstone of your marketing assets. This short video looks at 10 essential elements of a business blog and why they are important. This is not an exhaustive list … Read more

8 Steps To Demonstrate Positive Return On Investment For Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing’s ROI (Return on Investment) has been discussed on the web in blogs and websites and comments are frequently heard such as “You can’t measure the ROI of social media marketing” One commentator from the Search Engine Land website says that even if you can’t measure the increase in sales or reductions in costs that are an essential element of measuring ROI … Read more