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Social Media And The 3 New Pillars of Marketing

I have been involved in sales and marketing to create new business for clients and my own companies over the years and I have used many different methods including cold calling, database marketing, fax broadcasting, direct mail, mass media, letterboxing plus many other types of what has become known as traditional marketing. Over the last few years I have … Read more

Twitter Power Poll: What Makes A Brand or Person Influential on Twitter?

A few days ago I wrote a blog post that was on the Topic of “How Do You Measure Twitter Influence: Is It Worth Measuring?”  that discussed “What is it, that makes people or brands influential on Twitter”. As Twitter grows and with its visitor numbers continuing to climb with over 50 Million unique visits in July, 2009 according to Commscore and now ranked the … Read more

14 Tips To Source and Create Great Content For Social Media

A question I often hear is how do you create great unique content?  What most people and companies don’t realise is that they have great content it just happens to be offline in Silos, files on computers that are waiting to be repurposed for online. It can be interviews or press releases that can be edited, summarized … Read more

How Do You Measure Twitter Influence: Is It Worth Measuring?

So  “How Do You Measure Twitter Influence?” .. Is it worth attempting to put a metric to?  This question is becoming more relevant and will continue to be increasingly important as the growth of Twitter climbs,the worldwide takeup continues to spread and its entanglement with other social media platforms. “Twitter Influence” could become a powerful and significant part of your … Read more