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Blogging For Dummies – An Opportunity For Personal Branding

This  blog has been inspired by Jan who contacted me through Twitter saying, “Would I think about doing an article on “Blogging For Dummies”. Jan has just started a blog and she said in her first post on February 28, 2010. “I have started this blog because frankly, I, like thousands of others, have recently … Read more

Twitter's Growth Still Accelerating

I recently wrote an article about whether “Twitter Was Fading” and it seems that despite some of the recent negative press, Twitter’s traffic is still pumping. Twitter’s growth from March 2008 to March 2009 was over 1300%, but since then  some of the facts and figures on Twitter’s upward trajectory have been patchy. With no … Read more

Automating Twitter: Is It A Crime? [Poll]

This debate continues to rage and will continue for a while yet. Do you automate some of your messages on Twitter or not? How much automation should you be using, if any at all? There are essentially three camps. Yes, Why Not Absolutely Not Sometimes Twitter is great for promotion, whether it be of your … Read more

New Report Reveals: 14 Key Findings On How The Global Fortune 100 Are Using Social Media

Recently I wrote about how the Fortune 100 in the USA were using Twitter so this recent study just released reveals some interesting trends for the Global Fortune 100 largest companies and their use of Social Media. Following in the footsteps of consumers, large international companies are now becoming active participants in social media. The … Read more