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20 Things To Do When Facebook Is Down

What do you do when your computer gets hit by a virus and you need technical help to fix it and it is 5am in the morning? Well, that’s what happened to me a few weeks ago and the pertubation of deciding how to best use my time was not a pleasant experience. I couldn’t write … Read more

Top 100 Twitter Users In PR

Public relations professionals are some of the early adopters, innovators and users of social media in a rapidly changing web landscape and Twitter is a social media channel that can promote your message to a large group of people in real time so in essence it is instant PR. You will find that within companies … Read more

Why Solving Problems Beats Marketing

I am looking out the window of my office seeing buildings with many dark windows, behind those tinted panes of glass are people working and living and they all have problems and challenges…every one. They don’t care about you or your company all they care about is finding a solution to their  daily life challenges … Read more