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"5 Great Resources for Using Twitter for Business and Your Brand"

Twitter has gone mainstream in the last few months and with it the multiple ways and means of using it to promote your product, brand and service has escalated. The tools available are burgeoning and maturing (thats for the next blog). Its being linked into facebook, blogs and websites. Its being used to help customer service, in fact Zappos … Read more

"6+1 More Great Resources on Using Facebook For Your Non Profit Organisation, Personal Brand and Company"

As I promised in my last post, here are 6 more great resources on using Facebook, for companies, personal branding and NGOs (Non Profits). What you will find in fact is that there isn’t 6 but a “Bonus” which makes 7, which is about “5 Tips for Enhancing Your Brands Presence on Facebook”. A lot of people end up being passionate about one type of … Read more

"7 Great Resources on Using Facebook For Your Non Profit Organisation, Personal Brand and Company"

Facebook  has been adding new functions and features that enable Companies, Non Profits and Individuals to promote their brand, raise money and increase sales and have conversations with their communities and networks. The following posts are some of the latest reviews and studies of what is unfolding in “Social Media” in the Facebook space, that I have … Read more

"7 Steps in Creating and Implementing a Social Media Marketing Campaign"

The processes involved in creating a social media campaign has been open to many discussions by many people as to how to do it effectively and as I indicated in my last blog I would give a further insight  into one type of approach to social media marketing after my recent discussions with Fi Bendall.  Her approach requires initially setting a baseline so that the success … Read more

"Social Media and Why Non Profit Organisations Should Be Using It"

The use of Social Media and its role in helping Charities and Not For Profit Organisations engage with their community is becoming very evident. I was talking to Fi Bendall the other day who has worked in this area extensively, including Amnesty International Australia and Earth Hour Global and below is a snap shot of her findings. “The impact of social … Read more