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20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter

 I recently wrote an article on my blog “How Many Social Media Channels Should You Be Using?” and one of the comments was “I would advise people that if they are new to social media to start with twitter, and not a blog. It’s much easier and quicker to get into. Blogging well can take time and for … Read more

Why Do People Use Twitter? View Latest Survey Results Update

So the results for the “Twitter Power Poll Survey Number Two: What Do You Use Twitter For?  are both expected but maybe a little disturbing for the  Triple T’s..the ” Twitter Tragic Traditionals”, who think Twitter should be only about engaging and communicating. With 152 votes currently counted here is the state of play with the results ranked from the most popular  … Read more

What Do You Use Twitter For? New Twitter Power Poll Survey

 How do you use Twitter? For communicating?.. sending out interesting content that you found in Cyberspace .. Retweeting interesting links and content being tweeted? Maybe you use Twitter for driving traffic to your blog or website? In a recent interview one of the top “Non Celebrity” users of Twitter.. Guy Kawasaki was asked a question. Question: “You currently have over 160,000 followers on Twitter (@guykawasaki) … Read more

Survey Results Revealed: Content Makes You Influential on Twitter

Last week I  posted a survey to see what the Twitter community thought about the question of “Influence on Twitter”. This is the first survey in my “Twitter Power Poll” Series that asked  “What Makes A Brand or Person Influential on Twitter?”. After over 330 people voted the results were. (Thanks to those special people in the  Twitter community who took the time to vote) … Read more