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Which Form of Digital Advertising is the Most Effective?

Facebook for business - digital advertising

Digital advertising has been blacklisted. Everyone is so fixated on content marketing, and organic search that even uttering the words ‘let’s pay for some traffic’ have become awkwardly pushed to the side. But don’t be fooled. Even the most successful ‘content marketers’ are still using digital advertising tactics to get their content found. They might just … Read more

How Google AdWords is Becoming More Social

It’s becoming more and more difficult to lie in Google AdWords advertising, and social media is to blame. Let me start to explain this through a hypothetical. Imagine you are the advertising manager for Jif, the peanut butter brand. Jif’s brand slogan is “Choosy Mothers Choose Jif.” It’s a brilliant slogan – after all, what … Read more

How To Advertise On Google – Infographic

Advertising your business on Google is a fast way to grow traffic to your website, blog, online store and ecommerce venture. Google Adwords campaigns can be used to drive people to landing pages where you can capture emails and customer data that can be used for email marketing. Ranking in the number one position in … Read more